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Featured Videos

Featured videos are updated with new releases and others you may not have seen yet. As the content library grows, this section will help you discover routines and concepts to deepen your Qigong practice! You never know what you might find :)

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Featured Videos
  • Immuni Qi (41 mins)

    A routine to unite us in resilience and strength! Qigong to help keep your immune system, lungs, respiratory system and resilience strong. Feel your wei qi expand with each inhalation. Light stomach massage, tapping along lung meridian and acupressure on immune points - Hegu (LI4), Fengchi (GB 20...

  • Intro to Return To Centre Routine (3 mins)

    An introduction to the routine, "Return to Centre." Jeff describes the concept of 'returning to your centre' amidst life's challenges. He explains the purpose of the pause for reflection between exercises and the return to ready position.

  • Return to Centre (32 mins)

    See the “Introduction to Return to Centre Routine” where Jeff explains the concept for this practice: https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/the-universi-qi/videos/intro-to-return-to-centre-routine-3-mins Imagine a tree blowing in the wind. If the tree has strong roots, it will be stable. When the wind...

  • March 2020 Qi Chat - 4 Concepts to a Deeper Qigong Practice (71 mins)

    A recording of Jeff's live Qi Chat from March 2020. Discussion is around fostering a deeper practice. It includes a practical exercise that you can try to experience the concept of "moving with the weight of a butterfly."
    Topics include:
    1) the interaction of Qi and Yi,
    2) dynamic movement of yi...

  • Resilient (27 mins)

    Build your immunity, lung energy, and resilience with this routine in the middle of scenic Stanley park in Vancouver, BC. This practice features stimulation of acupressure point Lung 1 (Zhong fu) or 'Central Palace,' an excellent point for increasing lung qi. Along with the Canada geese, mountai...