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Featured Videos

Featured videos are updated with new releases and others you may not have seen yet. As the content library grows, this section will help you discover routines and concepts to deepen your Qigong practice! You never know what you might find :)

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Featured Videos
  • Full Body Flow- Pericardium - Protect the Heart (18 mins)

    Increase the Qi circulation through the centre of the chest, around the Heart with this practice.
    This routine stimulate the pericardium system and meridian, which is known as the Heart Protector.
    Release tension in the chest, lower anxiety and worry, and strengthen the Spirit and Shen with this ...

  • Full Body Flow - Pericardium (61 mins)

    Here is the introduction to the Pericardium (PC) meridian and system
    Functions of PC 1:20
    PC Meridian 4:40
    Important points 6:15
    Disharmonies of PC 15:10
    Background of this approach to Qigong 18:30
    Sensitivities and Boundaries 26:10
    Protection 29:30
    Cinnamon Bun 35:15
    Source Connec...

  • 5 Element Qigong (30 mins)

    Here is a nice 5 Element Qigong practice that can be used 3-4 times per week to help stimulate all the elements and internal organs in the body.
    Fire - Heart and Small Intestine
    Earth - Spleen and Stomach
    Wood - Liver and Gallbladder
    Water - Kidney and Bladder
    Metal - Lung and Large in...

  • Winter Routine (22 mins)

    A moderate routine to build energy and invigorate the body. Move Qi in the heart, lungs and chest. "Washing the Barrel" will clear your mind of troubles and worries. This routine includes movement for both upper and lower body which will improve your balance and coordination. Strengthen Kidney en...

  • Day 29 Calm and Connected (18 mins)

    Welcome to Day 29!
    Oh my goodness you're almost there! Today's routine is perfect to relax after yesterday's invigorating practice. A light hearted routine to start your day with positive energy. Jeff invites you to hold a happy memory, pleasant thought, moment of joy or something that makes you...

  • January Qi Chat - Intention and 5 Element Practice (80 mins)

    Welcome to the first Qi Chat of the year! This is a great time to discuss intention, how it applies to Qigong practice and life.
    Jeff also guides us through a 5 Element Qigong practice, that can be used daily, or 3 times a week.
    Here is the link to the 5 Element Practice:

  • January Qigong Challenge (3 mins)

    Every month we have a new challenge that will help focus your Qigong practice. January is "Begin with the End in Mind" where we can practice setting our intentions. How do you want to feel? Calm? Energized? Grounded? You decide. Happy New Year and all the best to you!

  • Full Body Flow - Kidney - Fortify Essence (22 mins)

    Strengthen your Kidney Qi, Yin, Yang, and Jing Essence with this gentle practice. Focus is on grounding the body through Kidney 1 (Yongquan) also known as Bubbling Spring point. Feel the vitality and Jing of the Kidneys become strong and vibrant! To learn more about the Kidney meridian and system...

  • Full Body Flow - Kidney (60 mins)

    A deep dive into one of the most important systems in Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine - the Kidneys. The Kidneys are the 'root' of the Original Yuan Qi and responsible for growth and development. They store essence and are connected to most organs and systems.
    Topics covered include:

  • Big Bear (22 mins)

    Feel in harmony with nature and discover the energy of 'Big Bear.' An empowering routine that will leave you feeling connected to the natural world around you and your own inner strength. This routine features the Big Bear Swaying exercise, that invigorates the qi and relaxes the neck and back. J...

  • Share Some Holiday Cheer Live Get Together 2021

    A recording of the December "Share some Holiday Qi-R!" In this special get together, Communi-Qi members shared their Qigong experiences, holiday traditions, and said hello! Members kindly submitted pictures, poetry, music, and artwork that was presented and enjoyed together! This was a "live" eve...

  • 'Q and A' Episode 2 - Which QiGong Routine Should I Practice? (11 mins)

    Learn how to assess which routine is best for you based on how it affects your body, mind and "Xin" Qi.

    Jeff's Suggestions:
    Practice a routine regularly for a period of time to notice how it affects you and to get the greatest impact from it.

    If you are a beginner or have just joined the site,...

  • Which Qigong routine to use for medical conditions (4 mins)

    Which Qigong routine should you practice for your medical condition? This question gets asked a lot. Jeff talks about how Qigong can help support your overall health and well-being but reiterates that you should always consult your doctor for medical advice. Qigong can be a 'part' of your health ...

  • Immuni Qi (41 mins)

    A routine to unite us in resilience and strength! Qigong to help keep your immune system, lungs, respiratory system and resilience strong. Feel your wei qi expand with each inhalation. Light stomach massage, tapping along lung meridian and acupressure on immune points - Hegu (LI4), Fengchi (GB 20...