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Featured Videos

Here are featured videos that are new, or you may have not seen yet.
As our content library grows, this section will help you find videos that will help your Qigong journey move forward!
You never know what you might find :)

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Featured Videos
  • Move Lower Heaven (20 min)

    The Dan Tian or "Lower Heaven" is an important energy centre in the centre of the body, a few inches below the belly button. When the lower heaven is strong we will have good energy, a clear mind, and a strong immune system.
    When your Dan Tian is strong, you will also have more benefit from your ...

  • December Challenge (4 mins)

    Every month we have a new challenge that will help focus your Qigong practice. December is "The Gift of Presence". Jeff tells a story of a moment where he felt someone made time for being present in the busy holiday season and how it was the best present ever! May you have a peaceful December! :)

  • 4 Types of Energy (17 mins)

    Learn about four different types of energy in the body, how to identify which areas may need more balance, and how to achieve this. A fascinating way of exploring your own experience with active, calm, sensory, and heart energy. Find your balance!

  • Clear & Calm (5 mins)

    Instantly calm your mind and centre your thoughts. This routine is done in silence (no narration) to allow you to go inwards and quiet your thoughts. Easy to follow and a good one to do if you only have 5 minutes. Enjoy the greenery and bird songs as your body and mind become rooted and calm.