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Featured Videos

Featured videos are updated with new releases and others you may not have seen yet. As the content library grows, this section will help you discover routines and concepts to deepen your Qigong practice! You never know what you might find :)

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Featured Videos
  • Intro to the Om Work Section (1 min)

    Here is a brief introduction to the Om Work section - a place to study and work on the subtle aspects of Qigong practice including:
    - posture
    - movement
    - alignment
    - breathing
    - and intention
    We can always improve our practice by focusing on specific aspects. But, we should always be focused on ...

  • Walking Qigong Instructions (17 min)

    Walking Qigong is an excellent practice to use outside, where you have space to walk. It leaves you feeling energizes, and harmonized in body, mind, and environment.
    In this video Jeff demonstrates and describes:
    - Walking meditation
    - The Qigong Step
    - Qigong Walking with several different pract...

  • Day 20 Inspired (11 mins)

    Welcome to Day 20!
    This routine will lift your spirit and leave you feeling light and inspired for the rest of the day! Rejuvenate your lungs, breathe easily and expand your chest. Includes tapping on important acupressure points to enhance and activate the Lung, Large Intestine and Ren meridians...

  • Sleep Meditation (8 mins)

    Here is a simple guided sleep meditation that will help ease you into a peaceful slumber!

  • Swinging Chakra Balance (20 mins)

    Swinging arms and spinal twisting to lift your spirit and leave you feeling relaxed, limber and at ease. Journey through Chakra areas and associated physical and emotional connections. Strengthen Mingmen 'gate of fire' as you connect to 'root', Dantian, solar plexus, heart and throat. Plenty of a...

  • April Qi Chat - Beyond the Movement (70 mins)

    In this Qi Chat Jeff offers 7 concepts to help your Qigong practice progress beyond the movements.
    Just take what is useful for you, and enjoy!
    3:16 Beginning of the Qi Chat
    52min 10s Tips for practicing while sitting
    54min 29s Does Qigong develop the Qigong Mind?
    55min 16s Meditation and Qigong ...

  • April Qigong Challenge (3 mins)

    Every month we have a new challenge that will help focus your Qigong practice. The challenge for the month of April 2021 is "Affirmative April." Discover how positive speech can impact your practice...and life! Set your intention for April and notice how this shifts your practice. If you want to ...

  • Spinal Twisting Details (6 mins)

    A detailed explanation of the movement called 'Spinal Twisting.' Learn proper posture and position - how to turn from the waist/hips, how to engage the core, stay stable, and keep the knees slightly bent. Discover the physical/emotional aspect and the meridians and points it connects with: Bladde...

  • 8 Pieces of Silk Brocade (13 mins)

    Build strength, improve posture and get your Qi moving with 8 Pieces of Brocade. Clear instruction, cues and prompts make this a good routine to follow along and focus. The "8 Brocades" is one of the most popular Qigong routines practiced worldwide. It can be practiced in many different ways - fo...

  • Inner View - Karen (45 mins)

    In this Inner View, Jeff has a conversation with Karen, who has extensive experience with Tai Chi Chih, Tai Chi Chuan, and Qigong. Karen has been able to apply Qigong principles to her work as a professional 'problem solver.' You'll recognize her name because she is a very supportive and encourag...

  • Iron and SIlk - Leg Foundation Strength (12 mins)

    Develop leg strength, stability and balance. This routine is based on the discussion from the March 2021 Qi Chat: https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/qi-chats/videos/march-qi-chat-let-s-practice-building-the-foundation-legs.Take your time, while you focus on the movement and alignment of the lower b...

  • Slow Flowing Yin (21 mins)

    Nourish and restore the yin of the spleen, liver, and kidneys with this slow and mindful practice. Join Jeff on a snowy day and allow yourself to slow down. Extend awareness from the centre of your body to your fingertips and toes. Unwind from the hustle and bustle and feel your mind settle. Embr...

  • 5 Element Horse Stance (10 mins)

    Feel your Qi accumulate as you move through all Five Element horse stance postures. Hold static positions, while finding a balance of strength and relaxation. Use this on its own, or after any routine. An excellent practice when you are recovering from an emotional time, or when you want to build...

  • Inner Glow (15 mins)

    Move gently and connect with your Inner Glow. Slow down time, settle your mind and reconnect with your true nature. Simple movements easy on the body give you time to release tension and brighten your Shen! A wonderful practice to 'let go' and prepare for a peaceful sleep.

  • Classic 18 Minute Routine (18 mins)

    The "Classic 18 Minute" is where it all began! This routine has been practiced by many people all around the world and was the first one ever filmed (produced on DVD back in the day!). Here it is re-done in an old growth forest. An excellent routine for daily practice to circulate Qi in all merid...

  • Immuni Qi (41 mins)

    A routine to unite us in resilience and strength! Qigong to help keep your immune system, lungs, respiratory system and resilience strong. Feel your wei qi expand with each inhalation. Light stomach massage, tapping along lung meridian and acupressure on immune points - Hegu (LI4), Fengchi (GB 20...