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Featured Videos

Here are featured videos that are new, or you may have not seen yet. As our content library grows, this section will help you find videos that will help your Qigong journey move forward! You never know what you might find :)

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Featured Videos
  • Universi Qi Episode 24 - 10 Most Common Qigong Challenges (26 mins)

    The 10 most common Qigong challenges people face and what to do about them. Issues such as what to do when you have a wandering mind, feel tired after a routine, feel cold, numbness or tingling, experience discomfort or excessive emotions.
    * Note - As with all new exercise programs, if you have ...

  • Qigong Cleanse (14 mins)

    A simple Qigong practice to help cleanse your body and mind from any unnecessary thoughts, tension, fears, worry, or stressors. Qigong Cleanse features a very simple movement called "Sweeping." Sweeping is an easy movement that can help move qi, release tension, and relax the physical body. The c...

  • Gentle Yang Qigong (18 mins)

    Build Yang energy in a calm and gentle way. Exercises are done in a very slow manner and with focused intention. Simple movements when done slowly have a stronger effect. Most routines to build Yang are more vigorous, but this one is gentle and calm. Keep your pace very slow and your feet grounde...

  • January 2020 Qi Chat (83 mins)

    This is a recording of Jeff's January 2020 "live" Qi chat. In this session, Jeff talks about different Qigong styles and the strengths and concepts of each style. Enjoy!