Q and A

Q and A

In this section Jeff will post video answers to questions he commonly receives. It also includes recordings of the monthly "live" Qi chats.

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Q and A
  • July Qi Chat (1hr 23min)

    Here is the replay of the July Qi Chat!
    Here is what we discussed
    Intro: 0-12min
    Topic: 4th Element of Qigong Practice 12min
    Osteoporosis: 1hr 2min 20sec

  • June 2019 Qi Chat (88 mins)

    This is a recording of Jeff's "Live" Qi-Chat from Saturday, June 1, 2019. Jeff talks about the five most beneficial exercises, as well as the five most popular routines in the Communi-Qi. He also answers some of the questions asked by Communi-Qi members including some from the forum. Note - Jeff ...

  • May Qi Chat - Using Intention During Qigong (78 mins)

    This is a recording of the "live" members-only Qi Chat. This month's topic was using intention in your Qigong practice.

  • Qi deficiency, excess, and stagnation - Q & A (7 mins)

    Jeff answers a Communi-Qi member's question about Qi deficiency and Qigong practice. Topics include Qi deficiency, excess and stagnation.

  • April Qi Chat (53 min)

    Watch the replay of our first "Qi Chat" live meeting that was on April 6, 2019! This was Jeff's first "live meeting" that was attended by Communi Qi members only.
    In this video Jeff discussed:
    The purpose of the Qi Chat: 2min 10s
    Quote of the Day: 8min 50s
    Qigong Inspiration Story: 11min 30s

  • Communi Qi January update

    Hear about all of the exciting things happening in the Communi Qi in 2019!

  • 'Q and A' Episode 5: Shoulder Movement

    Learn about the shoulder and range of motion when practicing Qigong. Find out how to stay within your comfort zone.

  • Update Oct 2017 (4mins)

    We have been trying to be quiet about our 'new project' that we just finished filming (yesterday!) You will have plenty of new qigong videos coming your way in the very near future! Here is a quick update as to what Jeff has been busy working on!

  • 'Q and A' Episode 4 - Proper Technique for Knees (8 mins)

    Jeff answers a question on how to maintain healthy knees during practice. He explains proper posture and technique during the exercises. An excellent overview with a lot of information to help you during Qigong and in regular everyday life. He recommends everyone watch this to ensure your knees a...

  • 'Q and A' Episode 3 - Touching the Tongue to Roof of Mouth (4 mins)

    Learn about the concept of touching the tongue to the roof of the mouth in Qigong. Jeff answers many questions that have come up about it. It's not always recommended especially if it creates tension in the body.

  • 'Q and A' Episode 2 - Which QiGong Routine Should I Practice? (11 mins)

    Learn how to assess which routine is best for you based on how it affects your body, mind and "Xin" Qi.

    Jeff's Suggestions:
    Practice a routine regularly for a period of time to notice how it affects you and to get the greatest impact from it.

    If you are a beginner or have just joined the site,...

  • 'Q and A' Episode 1 - Heat and Qigong (8 mins)

    In this video, Jeff answers a question about doing Qigong in hot climates. As Qigong can warm up the body, it's important to do a well-balanced routine to compliment the 'yang' energy with 'yin' otherwise a person can generate too much heat. Jeff discusses the importance of 'wei qi' and a few dif...