Day 18

Day 18

Practice for day 18 of the month. Remember to practice within your own comfort zone and take breaks when needed :)

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Day 18
  • Large Intestine Meridian - Receive (22 mins)

    Take a deep breath, calm your mind and "Receive" what you need. Perhaps you need more energy, healing, circulation, relaxation, clarity of mind, or a state of 'calm action.' This practice is for you! Get ready to energize and revitalize body and soul as you enjoy the warmth of the setting and sur...


  • Universi Qi Episode 10 - Open Joints (4 mins)

    Explore the concept of 'open joints' and how to incorporate this into your Qigong practice. Qi needs to move first to the muscles and then into the joints. Your muscles should feel strong but relaxed. Jeff suggests starting with bringing attention to the hips and the shoulders. By noticing this s...