Day 4

Day 4

Practice for day 4 of the month. You're doing great! :)

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Day 4
  • Qigong Cleanse (14 mins)

    A simple Qigong practice to help cleanse your body and mind from any unnecessary thoughts, tension, fears, worry or stressors. Qigong Cleanse features a very simple movement called "Sweeping." Sweeping is an easy movement that can help move Qi, release tension, and relax the physical body. The co...


  • Universi Qi Episode 12 - Framing our Experiences (5 mins)

    How we frame experiences impacts our perception of them. We get to choose our response to events. Regular Qigong practice gives us the mental space to take a step back and frame or (re-frame) situations in a way that is helpful and healthy.

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