Day 6

Day 6

Practice for day 6 of the month :)

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Day 6
  • Simple Mindful Breathing Intro (4 mins)

    An introduction to the Simple Mindful Breathing routine: . Jeff discusses the purpose of the routine, which is more of 'time to practice' rather than exercises that need to be followed. Bring attention to your...


  • Simple Mindful Breathing (20 mins)

    Drift into a state of peaceful zen. A mindfulness practice for the 'here and now'. Designed to quiet the thoughts and bring you into the moment with gentle movement and observation of breath. Follow Jeff's movements or do your own, as you see fit. Give yourself the gift of 'space and time' where ...

  • Universi Qi Episode 8 - Box Breathing and Qigong (3 mins)

    Learn 'Box Breathing' and the benefits of this simple technique. Box Breathing can be done during 'Horse Stance' for a deeper Qigong practice.

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