Day 11

Day 11

Practice for day 11 of the month. Feel alive and enjoy the day! :)

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Day 11
  • Flourish (12 mins)

    Breathe deeply and let your Qi "Flourish!" This routine is helpful for increasing Qi circulation through the liver, gallbladder, stomach, and spleen. When Qi is stagnant, we won't feel our best. These movements gently encourage healthy Qi flow and can be helpful for stress, tension, and digestion...


  • Universi Qi Episode 11 - Respond vs React (4 mins)

    Explore the difference between 'responding' and 'reacting'. How we respond or react is up to us. When we react, the primitive part of our brain kicks into gear. When we respond, the prefrontal cortex (the more evolved part of the brain) is activated. This allows us to apply logic and reasoning to...