Day 3

Day 3

Practice for day 3 of the month. Keep it up! :)

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Day 3
  • Nourish Ren Intro (3 mins)

    An introduction to the "Nourish Ren" routine. A spontaneous audience gathered to listen along! :) Includes a description of movements including Swimming Dragon and benefits of this practice such as improved digestion, balanced hormones and rooted energy. The Nourish Ren routine can be found here:...


  • Nourish Ren (28 mins)

    An exquisite combination of circular movements, abdominal massage, Swimming Dragon and healing sounds to encourage smooth digestion and balanced hormones. Gentle pummeling, light tapping and Dantian breathing will move Qi and promote a strong and rooted Shen. Nourish your Ren meridian, stomach, s...