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Watch this video and more on Qi Gong for Vitality

Watch this video and more on Qi Gong for Vitality

Full Body Flow - Sanjiao (50 mins)

Full Body Flow • 50m

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  • Full Body Flow - Sanjiao - Harmony (2...

    Take a breath, align the body and feel your Qi moving through the Upper, Middle, and Lower jiao with "Harmony." Join Jeff in a magical old growth forest as you harmonize and improve circulation to all internal organs and meridians allowing you to feel relaxed and invigorated at the same time!


  • Full Body Flow Gallbladder (75 mins)

    A deep dive into the Gallbladder meridian and system according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Gallbladder is connected to the Liver within the Wood Element. Learn all about important points, common patterns of imbalance, and its relation to Qi stagnation and stress. This is an interesting e...

  • Gallbladder Meridian - Sweep (32 mins)

    Focus on expansive, sweeping movements and let your Qi flow! Promotes circulation through the Gallbladder, Liver, Spleen, Stomach, Ren, and Du meridians. An intermediate practice excellent for moving stagnant Qi anywhere in the body. Learn more about the Gallbladder and Wood element here: https:/...