Full Body Flow

Full Body Flow

Strengthen, balance and nourish all your meridians and systems with Full Body Flow!
We will have information videos and full Qigong routines that can be used occasionally or as daily practices.
Through this program you will explore all 14 meridians:
Lungs and Large Intestine
Stomach and Spleen
Heart and Small Intestine
Urinary Bladder and Kidneys
Pericardium and Sanjiao
Liver and Gallbladder
Du and Ren
... and there will 14 Qigong routines that will focus on a particular system.
There will be plenty of information to help deepen you understanding of Qigong and will leave you feeling inspired, empowered and full of vitality!

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Full Body Flow
  • Small Intestine Meridian - Finding Space (20 mins)

    Breathe, move gracefully, and 'find space' in your body, mind, heart, and spirit.
    This practice is excellent for calming and balancing the fire element, soothing the heart, and helping to create mental clarity, sort through thoughts, and become clear minded.

    This practice is also helpful for any...

  • Full Body Flow - Small Intestine (56 mins)

    In this video Jeff introduces the Small Intestine meridian, its main functions, the meridian, and its important points.
    Jeff also discusses the Jing Luo, or Meridian theory - the concept of the meridians and channels in the body.
    He also discusses 'Meridian images' that can apply to the "Finding ...

  • Full Body Flow - Heart (58 mins)

    Let's learn about the heart meridian, and heart system!
    The heart in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong is considering THE most important system in the body. For this reason the heart is considered the "Emperor" and the entire body works to support it.
    In this intro Jeff discusses:
    - the hea...

  • Heart Meridian - Shen (30 min)

    Nourish your heart system, Shen, and spirit with gentle movement, Healing Sounds, and 'stillness' postures.
    This practice can also help with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and helping you achieve a deep sleep.
    Join Jeff in a lush old growth forest and practice calming, cooling, and healing the he...

  • Full Body Flow - Spleen (60 mins)

    Learn all about on of the most important systems in the body- the Spleen.
    In this intro, Jeff discusses:
    - the Transformation and Transportation function
    - the 5 elements
    - the blood concept
    - the spleen meridian and 2 important points
    - the main spleen imbalances
    - and of course, how to use Qigo...

  • Spleen Meridian - Transform (33 min)

    Strengthen the Transform and Transport function of the spleen, improve digestion, and increase your Earth element Qi with this practice.
    This routine allows space to breathe, release tension, relax every aspect of our body and mind and harmonize the spleen and stomach.
    Enjoy this practice with Je...

  • Full Body Flow - Stomach (60 mins)

    In this video Jeff discusses the stomach meridian, the Earth element, stomach acupuncture points (including one of the most important points in the entire body), the 8 Principle Theory, and of course how Qigong practice can help strengthen digestion.
    The stomach and spleen work together to create...

  • Stomach Meridian - Nourish Earth (24 mins)

    Tonify the Earth element, strengthen your digestion, and nourish the stomach meridian with this practice.
    This routine includes stimulating Zusanli, ST 36, and sending vibrant Qi to the Tianshu and Dan Tian area - which will help create 'robust digestion.'
    Allow your feet to connect to the Earth ...

  • Full Body Flow - Large Intestine (60 mins)

    Learn all about the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of the Large Intestine, the meridian, some important points and how to use Qigong practice to help strengthen it. While the Large Intestine system is involved with digestion, its primary function is working with the Lung system (Metal elemen...

  • Large Intestine Meridian - Receive (22 mins)

    Take a deep breath, calm your mind and "Receive" what you need. Perhaps you need more energy, healing, circulation, relaxation, clarity of mind, or a state of 'calm action.' This practice is for you! Get ready to energize and revitalize body and soul as you enjoy the warmth of the setting and sur...

  • Full Body Flow - Lungs (52 mins)

    A comprehensive exploration into the lungs and the Lung Meridian. Learn about associated functions according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lung imbalance patterns, three important acupressure points, and ideas to improve the effect of Qigong for Lung patterns. *Note, there is a lot of informat...

  • Lung Meridian- Disperse and Descend (26 min)

    Strengthen the Metal Element, Lungs and the paired Large Intestine meridian while building your vitality with "Zong Qi" - the Gathering Qi of the chest. Breathe deeply, feel your chest expand and let your Qi flow smoothly!

  • Full Body Flow Introduction (4 mins)

    Welcome to the "Full Body Flow" series. In this series you will learn about the 14 different systems and meridians in the body. Jeff will focus on a different meridian over the next few months. Two new videos will be released - on the 1st and 15th of each month starting today, Sept 15th, 2021! He...