Full Body Flow

Full Body Flow

Strengthen, balance and nourish all your meridians and systems with Full Body Flow!
We will have information videos and full Qigong routines that can be used occasionally or as daily practices.
Through this program you will explore all 14 meridians:
Lungs and Large Intestine
Stomach and Spleen
Heart and Small Intestine
Urinary Bladder and Kidneys
Pericardium and Sanjiao
Liver and Gallbladder
Du and Ren
... and there will 14 Qigong routines that will focus on a particular system.
There will be plenty of information to help deepen you understanding of Qigong and will leave you feeling inspired, empowered and full of vitality!

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Full Body Flow
  • Full Body Flow Introduction (4 mins)

    Welcome to the "Full Body Flow" series. In this series you will learn about the 14 different systems and meridians in the body. Jeff will focus on a different meridian over the next few months. Two new videos will be released - on the 1st and 15th of each month starting today, Sept 15th, 2021! He...

  • Full Body Flow - Lungs (52 mins)

    Here is a comprehensive exploration into the lungs and the lung meridian.
    Jeff discusses:
    - the lungs and it's main functions
    - imbalance patterns of the lungs
    - the lung meridian and 3 important acupuncture points
    - some ideas to improve the effect of Qigong on the lungs

    Note, there is a lot of...

  • Lung Meridian- Disperse and Descend (26 min)

    Strengthen your lung and large intestine meridians, metal element, and improve overall energy with this practice.
    This routine will help increase vitality by building the "Zong Qi" - the Gathering Qi of the chest.
    Breathe deeply, open the chest, and let your Qi flow smoothly!