Full Body Flow

Full Body Flow

Strengthen, balance and nourish all your meridians and systems with Full Body Flow! Get ready for a journey through ALL the organs and meridians from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective. This deep dive will provide an understanding of the interconnection of meridians and how they are balanced with Qigong. An intro to TCM theory for each organ will be presented, followed by the associated routine to support the corresponding meridian. Through this program you will explore the following paired organ meridians - Metal (Lung/Large Intestine), Earth (Stomach/Spleen), Fire (Heart/Small Intestine & Pericardium/Sanjiao), Water (Bladder/Kidney), Wood (Gallbladder/Liver). They are presented in the order of flow:

Large Intestine
Small Intestine

There are 14 Qigong routines, one for each meridian. This series will leave you feeling fascinated and inspired!

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Full Body Flow
  • Liver Meridian - Calm Spirit (23 mins)

    Breathe in, move gently, and let your Qi flow with this lovely routine. Your Liver Qi will be flowing with movements such as Swimming Dragon and Cloud Hands, in the midst of a lush forest valley. Clear stagnant Qi, strengthen the Blood and calm the Spirit as you enjoy moments of Stillness through...

  • Full Body Flow - Ren and Du Meridians (63 mins)

    A deep dive into the Ren and Du meridians (conception and governing vessel). Another fascinating discussion where you will learn about the Microcosmic Orbit and Horse Stance position. Explore the location and points of Ren and Du and how they connect to the 12 regular meridians. Jeff uses the ana...

  • Du and Ren Meridian - Embracing Stillness (27 mins)

    Embrace Stillness during this empowering Horse Stance practice. You can use this routine on its own or after another routine. Horse stance can be a transformative form of 'cultivation' that can increase the root energy and support healing in body and mind. Listen to your body and take breaks as n...

  • Full Body Flow Review and Final Thoughts (12 min)

    Congratulations for following along with the Full Body Flow series! Jeff summarizes key points about each organ/system presented, including:

    - Lungs, Large Intestine
    - Stomach, Spleen
    - Heart, Small Intestine
    - Bladder, Kidney
    - Pericardium, Sanjiao
    - Liver, Gallbladder
    - and Ren and Du meridian...