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Watch this video and more on Qi Gong for Vitality

Watch this video and more on Qi Gong for Vitality

January 2020 Qi Chat (83 mins)

Qi Chats • 1h 23m

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  • Dec 2019 Qi Chat - Qigong and Emotion...

    A recording of the December 2019 "live" Qi Chat.

    Topics include:
    -Managing emotions for short and long term health
    -Relationship between emotions and internal organs/systems
    -Five Elements and emotions
    -Thoughts - Emotions - Actions - Results
    -Moderate and harmonize

  • Nov 2019 Qi Chat - The Qigong Journey...

    A recording of the November 2019 "live" Qi Chat. Jeff talks about the Qigong journey!

    Timestamps for topics covered:
    What is the goal of Qigong and different styles of Qigong (9:00)
    Stages of Qi Development (20:05)
    Functions of Qi (24:45)
    Signs of Good Qi Circulation (37:10)
    3 Stages of Qigong...

  • Oct 2019 Qi Chat - Finding your Formu...

    A recording of the October 2019 "live" Qi Chat. Topics are below with corresponding time marker in the video:

    11 min - Health spectrum
    17 min - Finding truth
    19:30 - Intuition
    27 min - Finding your Formula (written exercise)
    1hr 6 min - Conclusion, Questions