Qi Chats

Qi Chats

Here are the replays of the live Qi Chats that are held monthly.

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Qi Chats
  • July Qi Chat - Qigong For Negative Energy and Finding Flow (80 mins)

    A recording of the "live" Qi Chat from July 2021. Listen as Jeff talks about the term "negative energy" and the concept that there isn't really "good or bad" energy - just flowing or stagnant. When we talk about negative energy, we really mean Qi that is stagnant and not moving freely. In this ep...

  • June Qi Chat - Metta Qigong (80 mins)

    A recording of the June 2021 "live" Qi Chat where Jeff discusses Metta Qigong and then goes through a 15 minute practice. You can find the 15 minute Metta practice here: https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/videos/metta-qigong-practice-love-and-kindness-15-mins
    Video Time Stamps:
    Introduction 0:00

  • May Qi Chat (90 mins)

    A recording of the May 2021 "live" Qi Chat where Jeff discusses the seven movements of Qigong followed by a routine to practice each of them. You can find the19 minute routine from the Qi Chat here: https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/videos/7-movements-of-qigong-practice-19-mins

    Video Time Stamps:...

  • April Qi Chat - Beyond the Movement (70 mins)

    A recording of the April 2021 "live" Qi Chat where Jeff offers seven concepts to help your practice progress 'beyond' the movements.
    Topics covered include:

    3:16 Beginning of the Qi Chat
    52:10 Tips for practicing while sitting
    54:29 Does Qigong develop the "Qigong Mind"?
    55:16 Comment - Meditati...

  • March Qi Chat - Let's Practice - Building the Foundation - Legs

    A recording of the March 2021 "live" Qi Chat where Jeff discusses the fundamental ideas of having strong and stable legs from a Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view. Follow along with a routine where everyone practiced together. If you want to practice it again, this ro...

  • February Qi Chat - The Path to Yuan Qi (75 mins)

    A recording of the February 2021 "live" Qi Chat. Discussion about the source and creation of Qi according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong theory. Learn practical approaches to using concepts of Qi in your Qigong practice.
    Topics covered:
    5:30 Poll for Communi Qi
    6:37 Intro.beginning of...

  • January Qi Chat (71 mins)

    A recording of the "live" January 2021 Qi Chat. A discussion on the purpose of Qigong, engaged practice, the basics and some advanced ideas followed by a Qigong practice that we will do together as a group.

    Introduction 4:20
    Purpose of Qigong 5:20
    Engaged practice 9:15
    Basics of practice 11:20...

  • Dec Qi Chat - Personality and Qigong (65 mins)

    A recording of the "live" Qi Chat from December 2020. A discussion on the various aspects of "Self" and how it relates to Qigong practice.
    The Parts of Self 10:48
    The Eight Immortals 23:20
    Challenges to our Nature 26:00
    Challenges to our Personality 28:40

  • Nov Qi Chat - 9 Principles of Qigong (75 mins)

    A recording of the November 2020 "live" Qi Chat. Jeff discusses nine principles of Qigong practice - ideas beyond the movements to help your Qigong practice develop and deepen. Choose one or two at a time to focus on. The nine principles discussed are:

    1) Alignment (11:53)
    2) Loosen the body - “...

  • October Qi Chat- Longevity and qigong (80 mins)

    A recording of the "live" October 2020 Qi Chat. Jeff discusses longevity through the perspective of science, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong. Learn the value of "adding Life to your years" rather than simply adding more "years to your life."

    Topics include:
    - Simple things that can suppo...

  • Sep Qi Chat - Is Qigong an Exercise or Spiritual Practice (90 min)

    A recording of the September 2020 "live" Qi Chat. Jeff discusses if Qigong is purely a physical exercise or a spiritual practice. Here's a spoiler - it's both! Qigong can be practiced in many ways and used as a gentle physical exercise to well being, or a vehicle for spiritual development. Topics...

  • August 2020 Qi Chat - Qigong and Breathing (77 mins)

    A recording of the August 2020 "live" Qi Chat. Learn all about Qigong and breathing. Jeff starts by exploring "breath" from a variety of perspectives - nature, science, posture, physical tension, muscle guarding, and emotions. A translation of the "Circulating Qi Inscription" one of the earliest ...

  • July 2020 Qi Chat - An Exploration of Pain (82 min)

    A recording of Jeff's July 2020 live Qi chat. An exploration of pain according to western medicine and the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Explore "pain as information," Gate Control Theory, different types of "bi," and the four pain pathways: transduction, transmission, perceptio...

  • June 2020 Qi Chat - Qigong and 6 Healing Sounds (82 min)

    A recording of the June 2020 live Qi Chat. Learn about the classic six 'Healing Sounds'. Includes the principles of sound, frequency, and resonance and offers some ideas as to why sound healing is helpful. Experience a few fun vocalization exercises that will leave your housemates really wonderin...

  • May 2020 Qi Chat - Stress and Stagnation of Qi (74 mins)

    A recording of Jeff's "live" Qi Chat from May 2020. The topic was Stress and Stagnation of Qi - Understanding the role of stress in health and chronic illness. Jeff speaks about how Qigong can reduce the stress response in the body and in doing so, improve overall health. Topics covered include:

  • April 2020 Qi Chat - Five Qigong Concepts During Difficult Times (80 mins)

    A recording of Jeff's "live" Qi chat from April 5, 2020. Jeff presents five Qigong concepts to help you move forward during difficult times. Bring a pen and paper for an exercise where you will reflect on things you can control versus things you cannot control in life. Jeff talks about re-discov...

  • March 2020 Qi Chat - 4 Concepts to a Deeper Qigong Practice (71 mins)

    A recording of Jeff's live Qi Chat from March 2020. Discussion is around fostering a deeper practice. It includes a practical exercise that you can try to experience the concept of "moving with the weight of a butterfly."
    Topics include:
    1) the interaction of Qi and Yi,
    2) dynamic movement of yi...

  • Feb 2020 Qi Chat - Qigong 'Practice' or 'Way of Life?' (75 mins)

    A recording of the February 2020 Qi Chat. The discussion is around whether Qigong is a "practice" or a "Way of Life." Jeff also discusses the concept of "Flow" from a simple point of view, and from a deeper perspective. Make yourself some nice tea and watch along!

  • January 2020 Qi Chat (83 mins)

    This is a recording of Jeff's January 2020 "live" Qi chat. In this session, Jeff talks about different Qigong styles and the strengths and concepts of each style. Enjoy!

  • Dec 2019 Qi Chat - Qigong and Emotions (81 mins)

    A recording of Jeff's December 2019 Live Qi Chat
    Topics include:
    -Managing emotions for short term and long term health
    -Relationship between emotions and internal organs/systems
    -Five Elements and emotions
    -Thoughts - Emotions - Actions - Results
    -Moderate and harmonize

  • Nov 2019 Qi Chat - The Qigong Journey (72 mins)

    A recording of Jeff's November 2019 live Qi Chat. In this chat Jeff talks about the Qigong journey! The time markers for topics covered in the chat are as follows:
    What is the goal of Qigong and different styles of Qigong (9:00)
    Stages of Qi Development (20:05)
    Functions of Qi (24:45)
    Signs of G...

  • Oct 2019 Qi Chat - Finding your Formula (82 mins)

    Here is the recording from Jeff's "live" Qi Chat on October 5, 2019. Topics are below with corresponding time marker in the video:
    11 min - Health spectrum
    17 min - Finding truth
    19:30 - Intuition
    27 min - Finding your Formula (written exercise)
    1hr 6 min - Conclusion, Questions

  • Sept Qi Chat - How Does Qigong Work? (75min)

    In this month's Qi Chat, we will be discussing "How Does Qigong Work? - An Exploration into How and Why Qigong Is Helpful"

    In this chat we'll discuss some of the common reasons why Qigong is helpful, and some not so well known reasons. We'll look at some scientific reasons as well as traditional...

  • August 2019 Qi Chat (77 mins)

    A recording of the August 2019 "live" Qi Chat. How should you approach learning Qigong? How should you go about choosing practices? Hear Jeff discuss these topics and more!