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Watch this video and more on Qi Gong for Vitality

Watch this video and more on Qi Gong for Vitality

Up Next in Long Practices (all routines over 15 mins)

  • Move Mountains Qi Gong (41 mins)

    A longer practice that will leave you feeling strong, stable, and ready to face anything! This is a progressive practice, meaning that it may be challenging at first but over time your shoulders, back, and legs will become stronger and this routine will become very energizing, perfect for startin...

  • Silent Qigong Push Routine (16 min)

    A silent, music-only version of one of Jeff's most popular videos on YouTube - 'Qigong for Anxiety.' Follow along and get into your own groove. Find your 'flow state' as you breathe deep and coordinate breath with movement. Notice how your day gets better after this routine - like pushing the 're...

  • Sleep Routine with Acupressure (18 mins)

    Sleep well with this peaceful routine. Let go of any tension, worries or excess thoughts.Follow along and use the following acupressure points to enhance the effect: Taiyang, Neiguan (PC6), Shenmen (HT7), Fengchi (GB 20), and Anmian. Enjoy an evening by the sea as gulls glide by and the sky turn...