Long Practices (all routines over 15 mins)

Long Practices (all routines over 15 mins)

A collection of routines that are over 15 minutes to get you feeling your very best! Enjoy!

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Long Practices (all routines over 15 mins)
  • Inner Strength (25 mins)

    Strengthen and invigorate your muscles, joints and soft tissue while finding a state of stillness.
    This practice combines movement with moments of stillness in order to find your true inner strength.
    Practice tensing and releasing the muscles, while inhaling nourishing Qi and energy!

    This routin...

  • 7 Chakra Qigong (24 mins)

    Here is an easy and energizing routine to help balance all 7 Chakras through Qigong practice.
    This was originally part of Qi Chat Episode #42, which can be found here:

  • Chakra Balance (24 mins)

    Balance and energize all 7 chakras with this peaceful practice.
    Filmed amongst mighty old growth trees, this routine will help harmonize the root, dantian, solar plexus, heart, throat, yintang, and crown chakras.
    Breathe deeply, allow your Qi to move smoothly, and sink into this practice!

  • Revitalize Body (30 mins)

    Move Qi and blood throughout your entire body! If you've been sitting or sedentary for too long this routine can help revitalize all your joints, muscles, meridians and organs. Take your time with the exercises, remember to breathe and watch as you progress over time! A shortened version of the s...

  • Summer Sunshine Qigong (17 mins)

    Breathe deeply, release excessive heat and let your Qi flow! Excellent for the Fire and Earth element. While it is called the 'summer' routine, you can practice it any time of year! This is the routine presented in "live" Qi Chat Episode # 41: https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/videos/august-qi-cha...

  • Flowing Wholeness (35 mins)

    Connect upper and lower, left and right, inside and outside, Yin and Yang with Flowing Wholeness. Join Jeff on a warm summer evening amongst the crashing waves. Begin with an easy warm up, then a short series to activate Qi circulation in the 6 hand meridians, followed by exercises that create a ...

  • Total Flow (25 mins)

    Improve overall strength and vitality with this invigorating routine. The faster pace allows you to move continuously and build your energy as you experience Total Body Flow. Strengthen lower body while improving neck and back posture. Expand the chest and increase shoulder mobility with Lifting ...

  • Good Eve Yin - Qigong for Sleep (21 mins)

    Breathe, relax and prepare for a peaceful slumber with Good Eve-Yin! Strengthen the Yin aspect of the lungs, liver, kidneys and spleen to promote sleep. Feel the deep release and relaxation of body and mind.

  • Classic 18 Min Qigong - Spacious Version (18 mins)

    A 'spacious' version of the popular "Classic 18 Minute Routine." The spacious version means there are minimal cues and plenty of silence so you can enter into the Flow. An excellent practice to use daily for moving Qi throughout the whole body! The original version with full instructions is here:...

  • Warm Heart (27 mins)

    Let your heart, spirit, and Shen feel soft, abundant, and warm! Set among cinnamon colored rock formations with the scent of wild sage in the air, this routine will strengthen the heart organ, meridian and element, allowing you to feel relaxed, Present and full of spirit! This practice can be use...

  • Awaken Yang (17 mins)

    Awaken, brighten and warm your Qi with this energizing practice. Join Jeff in a lush wetland as you invigorate Qi in the shoulders, neck, back, and lower body. An excellent morning practice for days that require a lot of energy output or if you have been sitting for a long period of time. Enjoy!

  • Lift Your Sprit (33 mins)

    Breathe deep as you invigorate your body and lift your Spirit! Join Jeff in a sea of Camas flowers as you strengthen your core, lower body, and stability while uplifting your mood. Excellent for raising your 'vibration' so you can connect with the innate wisdom of your higher self. Enjoy!
    * If yo...

  • Gentle Yang Qigong - Spacious version (18 mins)

    A 'spacious' version of the 'Gentle Yang Qigong' routine with minimal cues so you can sink into your practice to allow your Qi and Yang to accumulate. Helpful for strengthening kidney qi, yin, and yang, promoting better sleep and balancing hormones. Feel your Ming Men energy become vibrant! Join ...

  • Wu Ji Qigong (30 mins)

    Enter into a deep state of stillness. Wu means emptiness, Ji means great.
    Stand in Wu Ji posture, which is the same as the 'Ready Position' and feel yourself deepen your practice. This practice can settle a busy mind, reduce stress and anxiety, while encouraging the body and mind to heal. This r...

  • Growth (32 mins)

    Open your mind and spirit to new possibilities, healing, and growth. Plant your feet firmly on the Earth, extend the crown of your head to the Sky and allow your Qi to cultivate and grow. Join Jeff at a crisp lake with misty mountains in the distance. This practice will 'root' the energy and leav...

  • Gratitude to Stillness (31 mins)

    Take a moment to send gratitude to your body in this gentle practice. Move stagnant Qi through the meridians, while appreciating all the good work that your body does. You will also practice transitioning from "movement to Stillness." This will deeply relax the physical body while teaching the mi...

  • Spring Liver Wood Routine (19 mins)

    Move stagnant Qi through the chest, ribs, and the liver/gallbladder meridians. An excellent practice for the Spring time, though it can be done any time of the year, especially for Liver Qi stagnation and stress. There are a few challenging exercises, so listen to your body, take the movements sl...

  • Big Beautiful Brain (31 mins)

    Enhance memory, creativity and connection. Your brain will feel big and beautiful after this stimulating routine! Contra-lateral movement combined with expansive reach will engage the brain and boost cognitive function. Enjoy feeling clear-headed and ready to absorb new information and experiences!

  • Heart Healing Routine (22 mins)

    Relax, release and enter into Flow state with this gentle Heart Healing practice. Let go of worries from the past and connect to the 'present.' Feel your Shen expand and let your inner light shine!
    This routine was presented in "live" Qi Chat Episode # 36, where Jeff discussed the idea of heart-c...

  • Winter Qigong (20 mins)

    Plant your feet firmly on the ground, and warm your body and heart with the Winter Qigong practice.
    This routine features lower and middle body strength, stability, and coordination exercises which are great to practice all year long - not just the winter!
    This routine can be used as a daily pra...

  • 5 Element Qigong (30 mins)

    A basic Five Element practice that can be used 3 to 4 times per week to balance and support all elements and internal organs in the body. Includes: Fire - Heart and Small Intestine, Earth - Spleen and Stomach, Wood - Liver and Gallbladder. Water - Kidney and Bladder, and Metal - Lung and Large In...

  • The Golden Vessel (31 mins)

    A gentle practice to strengthen Dan Tian (lower heaven) Kidney Qi, and the function of the Bladder. Spinal Twisting stimulates the Shu Transporting points while focusing on the 'lower jiao' organs that are responsible for a strong functioning bladder. Take a deep breath, warm the Golden Vessel, a...

  • Tap and Release Qigong Practice (28 mins)

    The tapping and patting practice presented in December Qi Chat Episode # 33. This routine can be added before or after any regular Qigong practice. It's great to use in the middle of the day, if you have been sitting a long time, or just feel the need to move your Qi.

    Here is a link to the origi...

  • Qigong for Warmth (20 mins)

    The 'Qigong for Warmth' routine as presented in November Qi Chat Episode # 32. Breathe, relax, and 'pump the Qi' as your body warms up and your mind feels abundant! Here is the link to the full Qi Chat where this routine was discussed: https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/videos/november-qi-chat-qigo...