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Watch this video and more on Qi Gong for Vitality

Watch this video and more on Qi Gong for Vitality

Up Next in Long Practices (all routines over 15 mins)

  • 7 Chakra Qigong (24 mins)

    A simple energizing routine to balance all seven chakras. You will feel balanced and alive afterwards! This routine is from "live" Qi Chat Episode #42 on "Seven Chakras and Qigong" which can be found here:

  • Chakra Balance (24 mins)

    Balance all seven chakras with this peaceful practice in a tranquil setting. Feel the strength of mighty old growth trees as you harmonize the root, dantian, solar plexus, heart, throat, yintang and crown chakras. Breathe deeply and sink into this grounding practice!

  • Revitalize Body (30 mins)

    Move Qi and blood throughout your entire body! If you've been sitting or sedentary for too long this routine can revitalize all your joints, muscles, meridians and organs. Take your time with the exercises, remember to breathe and watch as you progress over time! A shortened version of the same r...