Watch this video and more on Qi Gong for Vitality

Watch this video and more on Qi Gong for Vitality

Peaceful Shen (25 mins)

Long Practices • 25m

Up Next in Long Practices

  • Flow (27 mins)

    Let the river wash away your worries. Includes exercises such as Big Bear, Big Circle, Cloud Hands, Brush Knee and Twist, Drawing the Bow and Clearing the Dantian. Movements strengthen the Liver, Gallbladder, and Spleen in TCM, and open the chest, lungs, and mid back. Your mind will feel clear, c...

  • Cleansing the Bai Hui (45 mins)

    Stimulate, cleanse, and energize your Bai Hui point and feel clear minded, energized, and tranquil!
    The Bai Hui point, located on the top of the head, has been used for health and wellness reasons, as well as spiritual purposes for thousands of years.
    Bai Hui means "100 meeting points" where 6 ...

  • Reel-ly Nice Qigong (40 mins)

    This Qigong routine is based on the practice of "Silk Reeling" - a graceful circular movement that will help unlock the joints and soft tissue, and help the qi move smoothly throughout the entire body.
    You can watch a short intro to the practice here: