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Positivi Qi - Mindfulness (9 mins)

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Positivi Qi Routine Instructions (15 mins)

Positivi Qi Series • 14m

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  • Positivi Qi - Mindfulness (9 mins)

    While it's become quite popular recently, mindfulness is a concept that is thousands of years old. Like many things, it's profound in its simplicity. Practicing mindfulness during Qigong helps relax the body, the nerves and an overstimulated mind.

  • Positivi Qi - Comfort at Home (8 mins)

    Jeff shares a poem written by Kitty O'Meara called, "And the People Stayed Home." It's a poem well suited to times when we need to stay in the comfort of our own home to rest, rejuvenate, and let the world heal. Keep the feeling of this poem within you as you practice today.

    "And the people stay...

  • Positivi Qi - Letting Go (10 mins)

    Today we will practice the skill of 'letting go." Often we hold on to tension, stress, anxiety and worries. This is natural, but sometimes we just need to let it all go. Focus on the cleansing exhalation during today's practice as you release all worries, fears, frustration and excessive emotions...