Positivi Qi Series

Positivi Qi Series

Welcome to Positivi Qi, a space where you can practice being in an affirmative, uplifting, and positive mental state during these challenging times.
We must always follow the advice of the experts and our doctors, AND we also have to take care of ourselves.
We need to take care of our body, mind, and emotions in a way that we resonate with.

You can use this collection to help:
- your body stay healthy
- your immune system stay strong
- your mind be calm and clear

These short videos include a simple concept, combined with the gentle "Positivi Qi Qigong Routine."
We have many other full Qigong practices that you can access when you become a Communi Qi member, have a look around! πŸ™‚
Please feel free to share this series with anyone who you think would benefit, so that we can all be healthy and vibrant!
Link to share: https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/positivi-qi-series

I wish you good health, and abundant happiness!

** Please listen to your body, stop if anything is uncomfortable, and consult your healthcare provider before beginning any exercise or activity program.**

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Positivi Qi Series
  • Positivi Qi Intro (3 mins)

    Welcome to the Positivi-Qi Series! This series is open to everyone to help us move forward through difficult times. It includes discussion of a basic concept followed by practice of the simple Positivi-Qi Routine. A time for you to pause, breathe, relax, and be present so that your immune system ...

  • Basics of Positivi Qi Qigong (6 mins)

    Join Jeff by a massive old growth cedar as he discusses four underlying aspects of Qigong practice. The principles are:
    - Moving your qi
    - Breathing
    - Calming and relaxing the mind
    - Finding the Flow state
    While these ideas are quite simple, they are worth mentioning as they are the foundation of...

  • Positivi Qi Routine Instructions (15 mins)

    Learn the basic movements of the Positivi Qi Routine. The routine is easy to learn and provides time to relax body and mind, breathe deeply, and find the Flow state. Jeff discusses the general concept of Qigong practice and explains the movement for the exercises. Follow along and find what works...

  • Positivi Qi - Mindfulness (9 mins)

    While it's become quite popular recently, mindfulness is a concept that is thousands of years old. Like many things, it's profound in its simplicity. Practicing mindfulness during Qigong helps relax the body, the nerves and an overstimulated mind.

  • Positivi Qi - Comfort at Home (8 mins)

    Jeff shares a poem written by Kitty O'Meara called, "And the People Stayed Home." It's a poem well suited to times when we need to stay in the comfort of our own home to rest, rejuvenate, and let the world heal. Keep the feeling of this poem within you as you practice today.

    "And the people stay...

  • Positivi Qi - Letting Go (10 mins)

    Today we will practice the skill of 'letting go." Often we hold on to tension, stress, anxiety and worries. This is natural, but sometimes we just need to let it all go. Focus on the cleansing exhalation during today's practice as you release all worries, fears, frustration and excessive emotions...

  • Positivi Qi - Finding strength (10 mins)

    Sometimes we need to be relaxed like flowing water and other times we need to be strong like a mountain. During this practice, Jeff helps you remember and rediscover your strength. As with all Qigong practices, it's good to visualize a positive image, idea or feeling. Breathe deeply and find your...

  • Positivi Qi -This too shall pass (9 mins)

    "This too shall pass" is a phrase we sometimes hear. It's a nice, gentle reminder that everything changes with the seasons. Knowing that "good things" and "bad things" come and go can help us find peacefulness in the moment. Enjoy today's practice!

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    Burnout (...

  • Immuni Qi (41 mins)

    A routine to unite us in resilience and strength! Qigong to help keep your immune system, lungs, respiratory system and resilience strong. Feel your wei qi expand with each inhalation. Light stomach massage, tapping along lung meridian and acupressure on immune points - Hegu (LI4), Fengchi (GB 20...

  • Qigong Concept for Physical and Mental Resilience (16 mins)

    More than ever, it’s necessary to keep the immune system strong and robust. With the growing environmental concerns people are looking for anything and everything to help stay healthy. Qigong practice and the principles of Qigong can be helpful for building resilience in body and mind. Although t...

  • Healthy Immune System and Qigong (9 mins)

    Jeff talks about how Qigong can help you have a healthy immune system. He suggests taking a balanced wholistic approach to your wellness. Learn about the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of "wei qi" and discover your own way of keeping balanced and improving overall wellness.

    Other videos y...