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Watch this video and more on Qi Gong for Vitality

Watch this video and more on Qi Gong for Vitality

Part 1: What is Anxiety? (26 mins)

From 'A to Z' - Anxiety to Zen • 26m

Up Next in From 'A to Z' - Anxiety to Zen

  • Part 2: Anxiety Tools and Tips (26 mins)

    Learn tools to help reduce anxiety:
    * The art of re-framing and changing mindset
    * Medical approaches
    * Diet
    * Exercise
    * Supplements
    * Herbs
    * ...and of course Qigong!
    There is a lot of information here so don't feel as if you have to do all of it. Just choose what resonates with you. Ma...

  • Part 3: Writing Exercise for Anxiety ...

    Grab a pen and paper and follow along with a process to create your own personalized plan! This exercise will help draw on your own 'innate wisdom' and experience. Questions will be asked to prompt you to reflect on what things you can do to help relieve or change your state of mind when anxiety ...

  • Simple Acupressure/Breathing Techniqu...

    Learn a useful breathing technique (with acupressure point) to reduce your anxiety quickly. This can be done anywhere. Even in line at the grocery store! The acupressure point used is "Neiguan" (Pericardium 6) which helps to relax the chest and calm the mind. The accompanying 'Box Breathing' tech...