From 'A to Z' - Anxiety to Zen

From 'A to Z' - Anxiety to Zen

From A to Z is a complete program to help you reduce or eliminate your anxiety. You will learn why you are experiencing anxiety from a Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view and many ways to help reduce it. In the first video you will feel like you are sitting down and having a conversation about what anxiety is and how it affects you. The second video discusses several tools that you can start using immediately. In the third video you will create your own written personalized plan using the tools and techniques learned. The last videos are three Qi gong routines from Jeff's collection that he feels are particularly effective for calming the mind and releasing anxious energy.
Grab a cup of tea and let's get started!

After watching this Anxiety Series, here are some other videos you might find helpful:

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From 'A to Z' - Anxiety to Zen
  • Part 1: What is Anxiety? (26 mins)

    Part 1 of the series on anxiety. Learn about the root causes of anxiety from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine. The more knowledge you have about why you are experiencing anxiety the more empowered you will feel. The more empowered you are, the more likely you a...

  • Part 2: Anxiety Tools and Tips (26 mins)

    Learn tools to help reduce anxiety:
    * The art of re-framing and changing mindset
    * Medical approaches
    * Diet
    * Exercise
    * Supplements
    * Herbs
    * ...and of course Qigong!
    There is a lot of information here so don't feel as if you have to do all of it. Just choose what resonates with you. Ma...

  • Part 3: Writing Exercise for Anxiety (6 mins)

    Grab a pen and paper and follow along with a process to create your own personalized plan! This exercise will help draw on your own 'innate wisdom' and experience. Questions will be asked to prompt you to reflect on what things you can do to help relieve or change your state of mind when anxiety ...

  • Simple Acupressure/Breathing Technique for Anxiety (13 mins)

    Learn a useful breathing technique (with acupressure point) to reduce your anxiety quickly. This can be done anywhere. Even in line at the grocery store! The acupressure point used is "Neiguan" (Pericardium 6) which helps to relax the chest and calm the mind. The accompanying 'Box Breathing' tech...

  • Anxiety Push Routine (15 mins)

    This routine helps to 'push' anxiety out of the body. Focus is on intention and yin-breathing to release anxiety and worry. The exercises move energy through the Gallbladder, Kidney, Stomach and Ren meridians. There's a dash of humour in this one - always good for releasing tension!
    We also have ...

  • Silent Qigong Push Routine (16 min)

    A silent, music-only version of one of Jeff's most popular videos on YouTube - 'Qigong for Anxiety.' Follow along and get into your own groove. Find your 'flow state' as you breathe deep and coordinate breath with movement. Notice how your day gets better after this routine - like pushing the 're...

  • Brain Boost Qigong (25 mins)

    Boost your brain with this 25 minute intermediate routine. Feel sharper and smarter! Contra-lateral upper body movements strengthen communication and connections between right and left brain. These exercises improve memory, balance, and coordination. With regular practice you will notice improved...

  • Liver/Wood Element Qigong (28 mins)

    Strengthen the liver and 'Wood' element in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Spring is the season for the Wood element. The wood (liver/gallbladder) which has been in a state of 'storage' now comes to life in a growth phase releasing its energy. This routine moves the Qi which has been stagnant in ou...