Iron And Silk Qigong and Exercises

Iron And Silk Qigong and Exercises

In this section you will find a combination of Qigong movements, functional physical exercises and stretches that will focus on specific problem areas. Qigong is wonderful for feeling the state of Flow, balancing your Qi, and calming your mind, but sometimes we need to direct our attention to specific muscles, joints, and soft tissue. In this section Jeff will combine Qigong practice with therapeutic exercises to help increase your strength, flexibility, and stability. These routines will help your body feel strong like Iron, and soft as Silk!

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Iron And Silk Qigong and Exercises
  • Iron and Silk Intro (5 mins)

    An introduction to the new section called "Iron and Silk." Iron and Silk will target specific muscles and areas of weakness or instability in the body. Jeff will focus on exercises and stretches to improve muscle strength in different parts of the body. For example, if you have weakness in your q...

  • Iron & Silk - Legs and Stability Instructions (20 mins)

    Learn exercises to strengthen your legs to improve your overall balance and stability. Keep a chair handy so you can use it for support. Focus is on safe form and posture.
    Exercises include:
    1. Dan Yu
    2. Knee lifts
    3. Side step
    4. Bow Stance to Knee lift
    5. Four Directions
    The full Legs and Stabi...

  • Iron and Silk - Leg & Stability Routine (19 mins)

    Strengthen your legs and improve stability. You will feel stronger each time you do it. With regular practice, stairs feel easier to climb and the acts of everyday life are smoother. Walk with more "pep in your step" and improved balance. For an introduction to the exercises in this routine, you ...

  • Iron and Silk - Leg Foundation Strength (12 mins)

    Develop leg strength, stability and balance. This routine is based on the discussion from the "live" Qi Chat: Take your time, while you focus on the movement and alignment of the lower body. Remembe...

  • Iron and Silk - Shoulders and Neck (25 mins)

    An intermediate practice designed to build strength, open the chest and develop the muscles that support proper posture. Exercises to help keep head and neck in correct position and increase shoulder strength and stability of upper back. Movements such as 'Big Bear Walking,' 'Plucking the Stars' ...