Sleepy Time

Sleepy Time

All the science is currently saying how important sleep is for short term and long term health. We often don't get enough sleep, and/or enough deep sleep. This section will include Qi Gong routines to help you naturally fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake at the right time, and it will also discuss some lifestyle strategies that are time tested to help even more!

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Sleepy Time
  • The Definitive Guide to Sleep (27 mins)

    If you experience sleep issues, then invest the next 27 minutes of your time watching this video! Jeff provides a comprehensive guide to healthy sleep. You will learn a ton of tips to help develop your own sleep plan.

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    Blue Light Blocking glasses : bas...

  • Sleep Qi Gong (19 mins)

    A night time routine perfect before bed to help you wind down and fall asleep. It helps to clear the mind in preparation for a good night's sleep. Jeff includes three helpful acupressure points to enhance the effect of this routine. The movements activate the Heart, Pericardium, Kidney and San Ji...

  • Sleep Routine with Acupressure (18 mins)

    Sleep well with this peaceful routine. Let go of any tension, worries or excess thoughts.Follow along and use the following acupressure points to enhance the effect: Taiyang, Neiguan (PC6), Shenmen (HT7), Fengchi (GB 20), and Anmian. Enjoy an evening by the sea as gulls glide by and the sky turn...

  • Sleep Meditation (8 mins)

    Here is a simple guided sleep meditation that will help ease you into a peaceful slumber!