30 Days of Qi Gong

30 Days of Qi Gong

Challenge yourself to create a new habit and practice Qi Gong daily with these guided routines! You are embarking on a positive journey, a gift to your body and soul. Follow along for the next 30 days and enjoy the transformation as you create this new daily habit in your life. Get ready to feel amazing! *Click "see all" at the top right of the collection to see all 30 videos in one place.

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30 Days of Qi Gong
  • Day 24 Be Kind to your Kidneys (17 mins)

    Welcome to Day 24!
    Keep going, you're doing great! Today's episode is all about strengthening the Kidney system. Learn about the role of the Kidney in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Focus energy in the low back at the area called Ming Men translated as 'Gate of Fire.' Move your attention downwar...

  • Day 25 Harmonize Sanjiao (25 mins)

    Welcome to Day 25!
    Join Jeff in the forest! Today you will harmonize the 'san jiao" system which connects the three 'regions' of the upper body. It is also called "triple burner" or "three heater." In order to have proper Qi circulation, the organs must be working properly and the three regions ...

  • Day 26 Harmonizing Earth (21 mins)

    Welcome to Day 26!
    You're almost there! You're doing amazing! Today's practice is all about the Earth element. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Earth element encompasses the spleen and stomach energy. This routine will help both 'excess' and 'deficiency' patterns and bring your body back to ...

  • Day 27 Invigorate (21 mins)

    Welcome to Day 27!
    Get ready. Today is invigorating! A powerful routine that strengthens muscles while building Yang energy. You'll feel your legs with this one! Push your energy deep into the earth and breathe deeply. Stay within your comfort zone and if you need to to make it easier, then do t...

  • Day 28 Qi Gong for Healing (25 mins)

    Welcome to Day 28!
    Today's practice is all about healing. Jeff begins with an introduction to the concept of "growth" versus "protection" and the impact it has on the body. He invites you to think about times when you've felt positive and relaxed as you follow along with this routine. If you want...

  • Day 29 Calm and Connected (18 mins)

    Welcome to Day 29!
    Oh my goodness you're almost there! Today's routine is perfect to relax after yesterday's invigorating practice. A joyful, light-hearted routine to start your day with positive energy. Jeff invites you to hold a happy memory, pleasant thought, moment of joy or something that ma...

  • Day 30 Free Yourself (18 mins)

    Congratulations!! YOU MADE IT TO DAY 30!!
    Today's practice is all about healthy emotions. Jeff discusses the importance of releasing emotional tension and finding tools that work for you. Get ready to get moving and breathe loudly. You'll feel like you had a good workout with this one! He guides ...

  • You did it!! 30 Days of Qi Gong - Conclusion (2 mins)

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did it! :) Well done! You've now developed a new habit that will serve you throughout your life! Creating healthy routines are so important and now you have completed 30 DAYS in a row of Qi Gong! Your body thanks you! Jeff is so happy you've completed the 30 days he does a ...