Qigong Routine Introductions

Qigong Routine Introductions

Learn a little bit about the routine you are practicing in this section. Jeff introduces Qigong practices, mentions details, and subtleties of specific routines in these introduction videos.

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Qigong Routine Introductions
  • Intro to Bone Marrow and Brain Washing Qigong Routine (3 min)

    A short introduction to the Bone and Marrow Washing Qigong practice that was presented in the September 2021 "live" Qi Chat. Here is a link to the routine that was presented: https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/videos/bone-marrow-and-brain-washing-qigong-20-mins and here is the link to the recording...

  • Intro to Mid-day Shibashi 15 Routine (3 mins)

    An introduction to the mid-day Shibashi 15 routine. Discover how setting your intention can change your experience of Shibashi. A rejuvenating "re-set" for the middle of the day that is excellent for joints, muscles and overall energy.

  • Nourish Ren Intro (3 mins)

    An introduction to the "Nourish Ren" routine. A spontaneous audience gathered to listen along! :) Includes a description of movements including Swimming Dragon and benefits of this practice such as improved digestion, balanced hormones and rooted energy.

  • Clarity Introduction - Sweeping the Crown (5 mins)

    An introduction to the Clarity routine. Learn the exercise "Sweeping the Crown" which is beneficial for the head and eyes. Discover how the Clarity routine can help both outer and inner vision.

  • Metta Qigong Intro (6 mins)

    An introduction to the Metta Qigong practice with discussion on some of the key ideas behind it. Metta is the practice of sending love, light, kindness, compassion, and good wishes out into the world. It is a Buddhist practice that can be practiced by anyone. The Metta Qigong practice is a combi...

  • Simple Mindful Breathing Intro (4 mins)

    An introduction to the Simple Mindful Breathing routine: https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/long-practices/videos/simple-mindful-breathing-20-mins . Jeff discusses the purpose of the routine, mentioning it is more of 'time to practice' rather than exercises that need to be followed. Bring attention...

  • May the Fourth Be With You Intro (6mins)

    An introduction to the concept behind the Qigong practice called "May the Fourth Be With You" found in the Long Routines Section: https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/long-practices/videos/may-the-fourth-be-with-you
    This style of Qigong closely follows the body's natural internal rhythm, which is ver...

  • Intro to Return To Centre Routine (3 mins)

    An introduction to the routine, "Return to Centre." Jeff describes the concept of 'returning to your centre' amidst life's challenges. He explains the purpose of the pause for reflection between exercises and the return to ready position.

  • Embrace Lotus INTRO (8 mins)

    An introduction to the "Embrace Lotus" Qigong routine. Jeff discusses the "Embrace Lotus" exercise and a few key points to focus on during the practice. Be sure to watch this first before practicing the Embrace Lotus routine (found in the "Long" practices section).

  • Peaceful Shen INTRO (5 mins)

    An introduction to the concept of "Shen" in preparation for the "Peaceful Shen" routine. Jeff discusses how the breathing can be done by visualizing two rotating barrels, creating an opening and closing type feeling. Learn about "deer qigong" and how to 'feel' like a deer and connect with the nat...

  • Introduction to the "Reel-ly Nice" Routine (7 mins)

    An introduction to the routine based on "Silk Reeling." Watch this video before starting the "Reel-ly Nice" routine. Jeff talks about the silk reeling exercises and where the name came from. Learn about the "kua" and how to bend / fold the kua area during exercises.Enjoy!