The Universi Qi

The Universi Qi

The Universi-Qi is a section where Jeff will discuss concepts and ideas related to health, wellness, Qigong, philosophies and mindset. It is also where Jeff will share some of his "rambles" that will hopefully leave you with a bit of inspiration!

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The Universi Qi
  • Universi Qi Episode 6 - Hidden Benefit of Qigong (3 mins)

    Learn about one of the hidden benefits of Qigong! You don't need to force it but with regular practice you will start to see this unfold in yourself!

  • Universi Qi Episode 5 - Coordination in Qigong Practice (2 mins)

    When you first start practicing Qigong, you may just be following along with the movements which is great. Keep going! But as your practice evolves, there is a sequence of events to focus on. Start with staying grounded throughout, breathing naturally and relaxing the body. As you progress, there...

  • Universi Qi Episode 4 - Introduction to Emotional Release Routine (2 mins)

    An introduction to the Qigong routine called "Emotional Release" found in the Longer Practices section. Learn how emotions can become trapped in the body and the concept of somatic memory. The Emotional Release routine cleanses the mind of unwanted thoughts and emotions.

  • Universi Qi Episode 3 - Burnout (7 mins)

    Learn all about burnout and its causes from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view. Understanding why you are feeling tired, drained, and 'flat' is the first step in overcoming burnout.

  • Universi Qi Episode 2 - Activate versus Allow (3 mins)

    Discover the difference between "activate" and "allow" as it applies to your body's energy movement. 'Activate' refers to intentionally moving your Qi. There is a sense of purpose and intent when moving the body and energy. 'Allowing' the Qi to move is more of an organic process which happens nat...

  • Universi Qi Episode 1 - Motivation to Practice (7 mins)

    The challenge of motivation: How to stay motivated with your Qigong practice. Learn the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Explore how extrinsic motivation can be compared to 'yang' energy whereas intrinsic motivation is more 'yin' and is an internal inspiration. The more you ...

  • Welcome to Universi Qi! (2 mins)

    Welcome to the Universi-Qi. A section where Jeff will discuss a new topic in each episode relating to Qigong, and health or wellness in general. A lot of treasures in here - Enjoy! :)