Monthly Challenge

Monthly Challenge

Each month we feature a new challenge to keep you motivated and inspired! Feel free to let us know how it's going and how you did. We want to encourage and cheer you on!

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Monthly Challenge
  • September Challenge (4 mins)

    Welcome to 'Start Fresh' September! The idea is to enter into your practice with a fresh mind, to stay in the present and not bring your worries/thoughts into it. Step into your routine with a blank mind. You can pick up the thoughts 'you left at the door' once you are done, but during your Qigon...

  • August Challenge (3 mins)

    Welcome to August! Take a moment to hear about this month's challenge and bring your own true authentic self to practice. Come as you are :)

  • July Challenge (4 mins)

    Welcome to "Monkey-mind" July!
    Monkey mind is when your mind starts racing and constantly distracts you from what you're doing and your ability to be present. The challenge for July is to find that space of quiet and stillness within. Try leaving the 'monkey' behind before practicing Qigong. Th...

  • June Challenge (5 mins)

    It's June! This month's challenge is 'Rejuvenation June.' Explore the power of positivity and that lightness you feel when you find 'your' routine - the Qigong exercise or routine that brings you the most joy. He also talks about taking time to stop, unwind and rejuvenate. This is so important! H...

  • May Challenge (2 mins)

    It's "Move-it" May! The challenge for May is to find one physical activity you can do three times a week. Possible ideas could be walking, swimming, hiking, dancing, cycling or jump-rope. The idea is to do some sort of movement that is easy on the body and that you enjoy doing. This will enhance ...

  • April Challenge (9 mins)

    Every month we have a new "challenge" to help your Qigong practice progress and evolve. Watch this video to find out what the challenge for April is! Let us know what your "2 Things" are for April in the comment section so we can all cheer you on!

  • March Challenge (5 mins)

    Welcome to March! This month's challenge is called 'Muscle-up March.' Challenge yourself to improve your strength this month. By focusing on your physical strength you also improve many other aspects of your health as well. Jeff encourages you to explore within your limits. Notice how strength im...

  • February Challenge (3 mins)

    Welcome to February! This month's challenge is "Find your Practice." Jeff invites you to self-reflect on your motivation/needs each time you practice and then choose your routines accordingly. He suggests you do the exercise he talks about in Universi-Qi Episode 17 https://qigongforvitality.vhx.t...

  • January 2020 Challenge (5 mins)

    Happy New Year! Every month we have a new challenge to help you improve your practice. January Challenge is all about balancing yin and yang (heart and mind) when setting goals, intentions or resolutions. Get ready to have a great year and a balanced approach to any goals you may be setting or wo...

  • December Challenge (4 mins)

    Every month we have a new challenge that will help focus your Qigong practice. December is "The Gift of Presence". Jeff tells a story of a moment where he felt someone made time for being present in the busy holiday season and how it was the best present ever! May you have a peaceful December! :)

  • November Challenge (4 mins)

    Every month we have a new challenge that will help focus your Qigong practice. November is called "No No November" where we can practice saying "no" to things that we don't want or need to do. If we can say "no" we liberate our energy and qi so we can focus on healing and what we want to do!

  • October Challenge (4 mins)

    Welcome to October! Jeff introduces this month's challenge and talks about the importance of intent. Stating 'why' you are doing something makes it clear in your mind and sets you up for success! Share your reasons why :)

  • January Challenge (5 mins)

    Every month we have a new challenge that will help focus your Qi gong practice. January is about setting your intention for practice. Jeff invites you to bring a specific intention to your Qi Gong practice this month. Hint - it may involve laughter! May the year ahead be filled with joy! :)

  • Jeff's Very First QiGong Challenge Video! (6 mins)

    Jeff's VERY FIRST Monthly QiGong Challenge video!! This month's challenge is "Make-it-Happen-March!" Choose one healthy habit and make it happen. March is about giving yourself permission to do something YOU want to do! In the first few minutes of each QiGong practice, focus your intention on you...