Om Work

Om Work

Refine and focus on the fine details of your Qigong practice.
In this section Jeff discusses different ideas to help improve your Qigong practice. You can use the ideas in this section when you want to do a little extra homework, or Om Work!

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Om Work
  • Intro to the Om Work Section (1 min)

    Welcome to the Om Work section, a place to study and work on the subtle aspects of Qigong practice including: posture, movement, alignment, breathing and intention. You can refine your practice by focusing on specific aspects while creating and experiencing a state of "Flow." The ideas in this se...

  • Walking Qigong Instructions (17 min)

    Walking Qigong is an excellent practice to use outside where you have space to wander. It leaves you feeling harmonized within your body, mind, and environment. This video is a demonstration and explanation of 'Walking meditation', the 'Qigong Step', and 'Qigong Walking' using different movements...