Short Practices (all routines under 15 mins)

Short Practices (all routines under 15 mins)

A collection of short practices under 15 minutes to get you feeling energized FAST!

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Short Practices (all routines under 15 mins)
  • Breathe Easy (12 mins)

    Inhale. Exhale. A routine to revitalize the lungs and open up the chest. It can help with breathing related to asthma, allergies or tightness in the chest. Expand and loosen up the chest area. A simple routine that can be practiced any time of the day. The movements influence both the lungs and s...

  • Breathe Easy Spacious (12 mins)

    Strengthen your lungs, breathing, circulation of Qi around the chest, and strengthen your Wei Qi with this simple practice.
    "Breathe Easy" is a very popular practice that has helped many improve the health of their lungs and respiratory system.
    Use this practice regularly, especially when you fee...

  • Slow and Steady (11 mins)

    In this routine we will practice 'Song' which is softening and loosening the body through intentionally slow movements. This practice will help unwind layers of tension by softly moving the body while reminding ourselves to slow down. We may experience the feelings of rush, impatience, or frenzy ...

  • 8 Pieces of Silk Brocade - Routine only from Qi Chat

    Here is the 8 Pieces of Silk Brocade routine only from the Oct Live Qi Chat.

    Here is the full Chat if you would like to learn the routine:

  • 8 Pieces of Silk Brocade (9 mins)

    Practice a 9 minute routine of the Classic 8 Pieces of Silk Brocade. This practice is most likely the most popular Qigong routine worldwide.
    It is accepted as a good routine to use daily for health and wellness, energy, fatigue, posture, back health, and overall wellness.
    Join Jeff in this spac...

  • Inner Strength Shortened Version (15 mins)

    Strengthen the body, improve the balance, fortify the Spirit and Shen!
    This routine combines physically challenging practices with moments of stillness to help create true inner strength.
    Practice tensing and releasing the muscles, while inhaling nourishing Qi and energy!
    This routine includes th...

  • 5 Minute Cloud Hands Routine (5 mins)

    Here is a simple routine centered around Cloud Hands.
    Use this 5 minute practice anytime you need to relax, unwind, and find your center.
    Allow your chest and shoulders to relax and feel 'spacious' and let your Qi move freely!

  • Revitalize Body Short Version (13 mins)

    A shortened version of the 'Revitalize Body' routine. Increase Qi and blood circulation throughout the entire body. Breathe deeply all the way from head to toe, and notice how your body feels refreshed and revitalized!
    The long version of the routine can be found here: https://qigongforvitality....

  • Simple Flow (9 mins)

    Embrace silence and calm as you flow with this simple routine. In 9 minutes you will expand space in body and mind to set yourself up for a great day!

  • Qigong for Peace (14 mins)

    Create a state of inner and outer peace as you move through the six Healing Sounds, Metta and the Wuji position. Let your 'sounds' ring out as you send peaceful thoughts out into the world.
    This routine is from Episode #40 "live" Qi Chat - Qigong for Peace

  • Warm Heart - Short version (13 mins)

    A short 13 minute version of the full Warm Heart routine. Let your heart, spirit, and Shen feel soft, abundant, and warm! Set among cinnamon colored rock formations with the scent of wild sage in the air, this routine will strengthen the heart organ, meridian and element, allowing you to feel rel...

  • 6 Level Qigong (15 mins)

    Take 15 minutes to feel present in your Authentic Self as you connect with body, mind and Shen. This routine was presented in "live" Qi Chat Episode #39:

  • Short and Sweet Tap and Release Qigong (10 mins)

    Short and sweet tapping and patting practice to release stagnant energy and encourage smooth flowing Qi throughout the body. You will feel happier with renewed energy after this 10 minute practice. An excellent way to start your day!
    A slightly longer version can be found here:

  • 10 Minute Horse Stance Practice (16 mins)

    A 10 minute Horse Stance practice beginning with a gentle warm up. Horse stance, or Zhan Zhuang, looks very simple on the surface, but as discussed in Live Qi Chat # 29, there is a lot happening within this practice:

  • Breath Reset (8 min)

    Refresh and energize your system with this simple 8 minute breathing practice. Includes Forceful Breathing, Following the Breath, Soft Breathing, Full Body Breathing and Full Body Dantian Breathing. A great practice to add after a full Qigong routine or if you only have a few minutes to spare!

  • Metta Qigong Practice - Love and Kindness (15 mins)

    A 15 minute Metta Qigong practice focused on "Love and Kindness." A caring practice for self-acceptance, compassion or when you want to send good thoughts, healing energy and positive vibes out to the world :) This was the practice from the June Qi Chat episode 27:

  • 8 Pieces of Silk Brocade (13 mins)

    Build strength, improve posture and get your Qi moving with 8 Pieces of Brocade. Clear instruction, cues and prompts make this a good routine to follow along and focus. The "8 Brocades" is one of the most popular Qigong routines practiced worldwide. It can be practiced in many different ways - fo...

  • 5 Element Horse Stance (10 mins)

    Feel your Qi accumulate as you move through all Five Element horse stance postures. Hold static positions, while finding a balance of strength and relaxation. Use this on its own, or after any routine. An excellent practice when you are recovering from an emotional time, or when you want to build...

  • Snow Oasis (12 mins)

    Take a moment and find your inner oasis with this short routine. Balance Yin energy, move stagnant liver Qi, and wake up the body first thing in the morning or mid-day. Big Circle draws Earth energy up through the body, supporting overall circulation, stability and strength. You will feel warm a...

  • Inner Glow (15 mins)

    Move gently and connect with your Inner Glow. Feel time slow down and thoughts settle as you reconnect with your true nature. Simple movements, easy on the body, give you time to release tension and brighten your Shen! A wonderful practice to 'let go' and prepare for a peaceful sleep.

  • Refresh (13 mins)

    Need a mid day pick up? Here's a nice routine to wake up Qi and blood circulation through the back, hips and shoulders. If you've been sedentary a lot lately, this routine is for you! It will 'refresh' body and mind! Join Jeff in an autumn forest and enjoy a visit from a curious deer wondering wh...

  • Soft Qigong (15 mins)

    A gentle practice focused on softening the hands. The hands and wrists contain many acupuncture points and meridians. With these gentle movements, Qi circulation translates to the rest of the body. An excellent practice if you experience tension in the chest and lungs or just need to relax. It ca...

  • The Peaceful Pause (10 mins)

    A peaceful routine that provides a 'pause' in your day, a time to slow down, breathe, relax and connect with the present. Immerse yourself in the 'now' with movements designed to connect body and mind. Feel the earth beneath your feet and the breeze around you as you practice in the woodland fore...

  • Metta Qigong (13 mins)

    Send Metta energy to people, the earth or the entire universe! Release love, kindness, compassion and good wishes into the world around you. Not only will you feel better, but the space will too! Radiate your beautiful authentic self and share it with the world. Float through the rest of your day...