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Jeff on YouTube

A collection of Jeff's public YouTube videos on a range of health topics. Enjoy!

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Jeff on YouTube
  • Qigong Routine for Healing (8 mins)

    A simple Qigong routine that can help your body and mind naturally heal. “Healing” can be a tricky word to use. In some cases it could refer to:
    - the natural process of repair and growth
    - recovering from a serious injury
    - healing from a physical, mental, emotional trauma
    - resting and restorin...

  • This Concept can Help - Facebook Live Replay (18 mins)

    “This Concept” can help Qigong be more effective every time you practice! Like the best things in life, it is simple and it can be applied today to improve the benefits of Qigong right away.

  • Qigong Meditation for Finding Flow (30 mins)

    A recording of the 'live' session discussing the concept of “Finding Flow and Calm.” Includes a simple Qigong meditation. As with many things, simple is best! Sometimes all we need is a simple intention, a little bit of time, and reminders of what we should be focusing on. Enjoy the replay of thi...

  • How to Build Qi - 3 Suggestions (13 mins)

    Here are 3 suggestions to build qi.
    This is a replay of a Facebook live video that reminds us of the basics of building qi.
    In this video Jeff discusses:
    - Breathing and Inhalation
    - Intention and Visualization
    - Finding Flow

  • Qigong for Back Strength and Circulation (11 mins)

    Build back strength and increase overall circulation with this invigorating practice. Release tension with deep breaths and movements including Rolling the Hands Backward and Separating the Clouds. Your Qi will be flowing!

  • Where to Practice Qigong - From the Heart (3 mins)

    Where are you practicing from? Body, Mind or Heart? Find where you gravitate to. Try moving into a heart-based practice and embrace the beauty inside and around you!

  • Magical Mindfulness Summit - Interview with Jeff (60 mins)

    Jools Sinclair interviews Jeff as part of her 2020 Magical Mindfulness Event.

  • 15 Minute Qigong Meditation Youtube Livestream (30 mins)

    Here is a replay of a Youtube Livestream where Jeff:
    - discussed different meditation techniques
    - gave instructions for Qigong meditation
    - practiced a simple 15 minute Qigong meditation
    - and Jeff said hello to people watching live

    The meditation only can be found here:

  • 5 Tips for Finding Harmony During Stressful Times

    1 Be satisfied with 'good enough'
    2 Be mindful of 'input' (news, social media, conversations0
    3 Maintain connections
    4 Set small goals and routine
    5 Practice Qigong 🙂

  • Qigong to Calm and Clear the Mind (10 mins)

    More than ever, it’s important to have a calm and clear mind. There are always worldly affairs to be concerned about – local, community and world news, family matters, global issues, and so on. There will always be something. For optimal health and wellness, we need to stay ‘calm and clear minded...

  • Gathering the Qi (9 mins)

    Rebuild your energy with this simple exercise. It's beneficial for times when you feel depleted - physically or mentally. It's simple, easy to do and can be done anywhere! Gather your Qi and start feeling better!

  • Qigong Concept for Physical and Mental Resilience (16 mins)

    More than ever, it’s necessary to keep the immune system strong and robust. With the growing environmental concerns people are looking for anything and everything to help stay healthy. Qigong practice and the principles of Qigong can be helpful for building resilience in body and mind. Although t...

  • Healthy Immune System and Qigong (9 mins)

    Jeff talks about how Qigong can help you have a healthy immune system. He suggests taking a balanced wholistic approach to your wellness. Learn about the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of "wei qi" and discover your own way of keeping balanced and improving overall wellness.

    Other videos y...

  • "Most Important" Qigong Exercise for Beginners (8 mins)

    Learn about the exercise Jeff thinks may be the most important for beginners. Keep practicing and feel the Flow!

  • Qigong for Seniors (8 mins)

    Five tips to keep in mind for practicing Qigong. How to stay within your own healthy range and listen to your body.

  • Simple Qigong for Cleansing (7 mins)

    A simple routine to help cleanse body and mind. Short and sweet. Enjoy!

  • 5 Minute Qigong Meditation (5 mins)

    A simple 5 minute Qigong meditation that you can practice anywhere and anytime you need it! There are many different meditation techniques and styles and they are all beneficial. This meditation is common to practice after a Qigong session because it helps:
    -build and store qi
    -quiet the mind, ca...

  • Qigong for Neck, Shoulders, Lung Circulation - Rowing the Boat (10 mins)

    A short exercise to improve posture and release neck and shoulder tension. Learn the proper way to do the exercise "Row the Boat" in order to protect the shoulders. A mini five minute routine to have you feeling loosened up in no time! :)

  • 5 Minute Heart Calming Qigong Practice (5 mins)

    A simple exercise to calm your mind and Shen. Join Jeff amidst the beautiful Camas flowers and release tension. Allow your qi to flow smoothly. Enjoy!

  • What is best time to Practice Qigong? (3 mins)

    Jeff answers the question, "When is the best time to practice Qigong?"

  • Qigong and Healing (10 mins)

    Learn how and why Qigong can help your body heal.

  • 7 Minute Qigong Routine

    Here is an easy 7 Minute Qigong practice that you can use daily to invigorate and wake up your body and mind! It’s great if you have 45 minutes or longer to practice Qigong and really get your energy moving smoothly and strongly. However, most of us are busy, over scheduled, and overloaded. There...

  • Qigong for Stress and Calming the Mind with Jeffrey Chand (6 mins)

    Learn a simple exercise to calm yourself using the concept of the "3 heavens," or areas of the body. Balance of these areas promotes a sense of peace and calm in body and mind.

  • 5 Reasons to Practice Qigong - Live! (40 mins)

    This is a recording of a "live" video chat Jeff did on youtube in 2019 where he outlines 5 great reasons to practice Qigong!