10 Day Meditation Challenge

10 Day Meditation Challenge

This 10 day meditation challenge will have you feeling calm, grounded and vibrant. The idea of the Ten Day Meditation Challenge is to get you started in the habit of meditating everyday. Jeff challenges you to follow along for ten days and meditate for 5-10 minutes a day. That’s it. Do-able for anyone…even the busiest people. There is a short video overview and introduction to meditation followed by ten audio guided meditations. The 10 Day Meditation Challenge is a simple guided meditation for those who have never tried it and are unsure where to start. There are ten different meditations. Each one consists of 2-3 minutes of simple instructions followed by five minutes of relaxing music and 'quiet' time. It’s short and simple – meant to get you started. Challenge yourself to follow the guided audio meditations for ten days and tell us how you feel in the comments below. *There are additional meditations after day 10, if you want to continue! :) Relax, close your eyes and allow yourself to let go of any thoughts or worries.

10 Day Meditation Challenge
  • Welcome to the 10 Day Meditation Challenge! (start here) 10 mins

    Welcome to the 10 Day Meditation Challenge! The daily meditations in this series are primarily audio files. This is intentional as it allows you to close your eyes, listen to the meditation and 'go within'. The first two lectures include video as they are an introduction and overview to the medit...

  • Overview Of the 10 Meditations (8 mins)

    Learn all about the function and benefits of each of the ten meditations you will be doing in this series. After completing the ten meditations, you will know which style works best for you!

  • Day 1 Meditation - Observation of Breath (7 mins)

    Welcome to Day 1 of the Meditation Challenge. Today we will meditate by observing the breath. Observation of the breath is one of the most basic meditation practices you can do. It is the most important meditation in many traditions and lays the foundation for more advanced techniques. Although i...

  • Day 2 Meditation - Muscle Relaxation (13 mins)

    Welcome to Day 2 of the Meditation Challenge. Today's meditation will focus on muscle relaxation. Many of us carry an enormous amount of tension in the body. Sometimes it is because of pain, inactivity, poor posture, or old injuries and sometimes it is simply due to stress. Today we will focus on...

  • Day 3 Meditation - Breath Counting (10 mins)

    Welcome to Day 3 of the Meditation Challenge. Today we are going to practice 'Counting the Breaths.' Through counting the breaths we are able to calm the thoughts that clutter our mind.

  • Day 4 Meditation - Happy Place (6 mins)

    Welcome to Day 4 of the Meditation Challenge. Studies show that whether you experience something in real life or simply imagine it in your mind, your brain and body react as if it were real. This meditation will use your incredible imagination to bring you to a peaceful place and your body and mi...

  • Day 5 Meditation - Circular Breathing (6 mins)

    Welcome to Day 5 of the Meditation Challenge. This meditation will dramatically increase your energy, oxygenate your body, and balance your Qi. You should do this meditation first thing in the morning or right before bedtime. We will incorporate a circular breathing technique.

  • Day 6 Meditation - Release and Let Go (7 mins)

    Welcome to Day 6 of the Meditation Challenge. This meditation is useful when you have stress, pain, tension, or an emotional charge that is affecting your health and well being. In this meditation we will 'release' that which no longer serves our well-being.

  • Day 7 Meditation - Dan Tian Breathing (6 mins)

    Welcome to Day 7 of the Meditation Challenge. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and ancient meditation practices, the body has several energy centers. Qi or energy flows into and out of these energy centers. When we are healthy and happy the energy is flowing smoothly. When we are s...

  • Day 8 Meditation - Golden Light (7 mins)

    Welcome to Day 8 of the Meditation Challenge. The Golden light meditation is very restorative and activates the body’s natural healing response. This meditation helps to remind us that our body and mind want us to be healthy and happy. It is beneficial to practice after spending a lot of energy, ...

  • Day 9 Meditation - Relax Body, Relax Mind (8 mins)

    Welcome to Day 9 of the Meditation Challenge. As with many things in life, the most effective meditation is very simple. This meditation is a mantra, or repeating of a simple phrase. Many of the habits that we have are subconscious “programs” that have been practiced many times consciously. In th...

  • Day 10 Meditation - Metta (7 mins)

    Congratulations and welcome to Day 10 of the Meditation Challenge! Today's meditation is a very healing meditation for yourself and for the people that you care about most. It should be practiced when you have a reasonable amount of peace and serenity in your own body and mind and you want to sha...

  • Meditation for Peacefulness

    A simple guided meditation to create a feeling of peacefulness. You can practice while sitting, lying down or standing in the 'Ready Position' or Wuji posture. Let yourself be comfortable, breathe, and relax.

  • 15 Minute Qigong meditation (16 mins)

    A simple guided Qigong meditation that can be used anytime of day to relax and take a break to recharge. Focus on breathing into the Dan Tian and gently guiding the mind with positive intention. This is the meditation component of a YouTube live video found here: https://qigongforvitality.vhx.tv/...

  • Sleep Meditation (8 mins)

    A guided sleep meditation that will ease you into a peaceful slumber. Feel your body relax, as your mind slows down for the night.

  • Be Present Meditation (16 mins)

    A guided meditation on being present in the 'here and now.' Discover how perception influences our emotions and reactions. Find a comfortable position - sitting, standing or while in 'Horse Stance'. Relax your body, relax your mind. Be present, Be here, Be now.