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Jeff on YouTube

A collection of Jeff's public YouTube videos on a range of health topics. Enjoy!

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Jeff on YouTube
  • Qi Gong for Depression (5 mins)

    In this video, Jeff teaches "Parting the Clouds" a Qi Gong exercise that can be used to help depression. Do about 10 repetitions and focus on the breathing technique. Let go of any tension, worries and stress. Feel it all melt away with this exercise. Breathe in the "good" and breathe out that wh...

  • Benefits of Qi Gong Practice (5 mins)

    Why should you practice Qi Gong? In this video Jeff discusses the many benefits of Qi Gong practice. He talks about somatic memory, experiencing the 'flow' state, refreshing the brain, releasing stress and developing strength. A wonderful reminder of why we do what we do!

  • Pushing the Qi Exercise (3 mins)

    Here is a simple Qi Gong exercise that will help release chest tightness, anxiety, and stress called "Pushing the Qi." According to Qi Gong and traditional Chinese Medicine, anxiety and chest tightness can be caused by stagnation of qi in the chest, heart, pericardium and the liver. Most of the t...

  • Lifting the Qi Exercise (8 mins)

    This is an exercise called "Lifting the Qi" - in this case it could also be called called "Goose Gong!" For this lesson Jeff guides you through a simple exercise to lift the Qi. This helps clear stagnation in the chest/heart area and benefits the pericardium meridian. It calms the liver and lifts...

  • Qi Gong and Addictions (4 mins)

    There are many approaches to treating and managing addictions. This can range from 12 Step, Talk Therapy, Counseling, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and pharmaceutical intervention just to mention a few.

    Qi Gong can be extremely helpful in the treatment of add...

  • 3 Simple Tips to Instantly Feel Healthier (4 mins)

    Jeff discusses 3 really simple tips to help you feel energetic, and vibrant. Sometimes staying healthy can feel so complicated with all the information on what we should and shouldn't be doing or eating. Simple is best, and here are 3 really easy tips that you can incorporate into your lifestyle....

  • Pressing the Palms Exercise (7 mins)

    Here is an easy qi gong exercise that will help increase energy, reduce tension in the upper back, neck, and chest, and will create warmth and heat in the body.
    This is exercise is gentle and simple and really improves your practice. You can practice "Pressing the Palms" on its own for 5 or even...

  • Embracing the Ball (5 mins)

    Jeff explains how to do the simple Qi Gong exercise called "Embracing the Ball." A very relaxing and flowing movement that you can learn in a few minutes and practice anywhere! Give it a try! :)
    Filmed on Vancouver Island in a beautiful Garry Oak forest filled with purple Camas flowers!

  • How often should I practice for? (2 mins)

    You may be new to Qi Gong practice and trying to figure out how long you should practice for. It's quite easy to answer- everyday!

    While some exercises, such as running or working out, are best to do every other day, Qi Gong should be practiced daily for best results. It's often difficult to f...

  • Simple Acupressure/Breathing Technique for Anxiety (13 mins)

    Learn a useful breathing technique (with acupressure point) to reduce your anxiety quickly. This can be done anywhere. Even in line at the grocery store! The acupressure point used is "Neiguan" (Pericardium 6) which helps to relax the chest and calm the mind. The accompanying 'Box Breathing' tech...

  • All Seasons Compilation (16 mins)

    Enjoy the changing seasons as you strengthen your energy and reduce stress. This routine is a compilation of exercises from several of Jeff's Qi Gong routines. You will take a journey through ocean, forest, snowy mountains and cherry blossoms! Travel through places and seasons while you build you...

  • Help with Horse Stance - Use a Tree! (5 mins)

    In this video, Jeff explains how to improve your Qi Gong 'Horse Stance' to increase energy. Horse stance is one of the most important aspects of Qi Gong practice. Some exercises help to move stagnant qi, whereas others help to build it. Horse Stance builds it. With time and practice, 'Horse Stanc...

  • INSTRUCTIONS: "Qi Gong for Grounding Routine" (22 mins)

    In this video Jeff provides detailed instructions on how to do each of the exercises in the "Qi Gong for Grounding Routine" The full "Qi Gong for Grounding" routine can be found in the shorter practices section.

  • Complete Guide to High Blood Pressure and Qi Gong (22 mins)

    In this video Jeff provides a comprehensive guide to high blood pressure and Qi Gong. He gives six suggestions for lowering blood pressure. This video is for information only. **Always consult with your doctor or primary care practitioner and follow their advice. Do not stop or start any exercise...

  • Anxiety Push Routine (15 mins)

    This routine helps to 'push' anxiety out of the body. Focus is on intention and yin-breathing to release anxiety and worry. The exercises move energy through the Gallbladder, Kidney, Stomach and Ren meridians. There's a dash of humour in this one - always good for releasing tension!

  • Simple Beginner Qi Gong (11 mins)

    Simple and effective - a beginner Qi Gong routine that anyone can do. This is a great short routine that you can practice if you are new to Qi Gong. It will help increase your energy, reduce stress, and reduce pain. It's a good one to do if you are a senior dealing with pain. This routine can als...

  • Laughter Moves Stagnant Qi (2 mins)

    According to traditional Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong theory, the root of illness, disease, pain and poor vitality is because of having stagnant qi. Qi is the energy that flows through the meridians to and from internal organs. Qi Gong practice helps to move and balance any stagnant qi. It is on...

  • 3 Reasons to Practice Qi Gong Instead of Tai Chi (4 mins)

    "Tai Chi is wonderful too - in fact, I have learned two different Tai Chi systems and enjoy practicing them as well as Qi Gong, but there are some clear benefits that Qi Gong has over Tai Chi, and I discuss it in this video."

  • Two Minute Anxiety Reduction (2 mins)

    Reduce Anxiety in Two Minutes - A quick exercise to reduce anxiety FAST. Reduce tension and worry in 2 minutes flat. This is a simple movement you can do at work or wherever you are that only takes 2 minutes.

  • Applying Bruce Lipton's Concepts to Qi Gong (4 mins)

    One of Jeff's best videos comparing how Qi Gong works at a micro and macro level. In this video he explores the role of epigenetics and the cellular concept of "growth and protection" in the body. The protection phase prepares the body for imminent danger whereas the growth phase allows the body ...

  • How to Improve Mindfulness Meditation (2 mins)

    Here are a couple of simple tips to improve your meditation practice. Jeff… “fortunately” had the pleasure of practicing some of the tips himself due to some “off camera help!” ;)

  • Secret to Improving Qigong and Tai Chi Practice (2 mins)

    Learn one of the ways you can significantly improve the effects of Qi Gong on your health.

  • Complete Guide to Improving Low Energy (8 mins)

    This is one of Jeff's most popular videos to-date. It's packed full with amazing tips and information. This is definitely a 'go-to' video if you are experiencing low energy.
    *Remember to ask your Doctor before taking any of the herbs, supplements or vitamins presented here. Many herbs and suppl...

  • Three Stages of Qi Development (4 mins)

    In this video Jeff describes the three stages of Qi Development:
    1) Qi Circulation
    2) Qi Accumulation
    3) Qi Transformation
    Qi Gong practice incorporates all three of the stages with most focus on Qi circulation and accumulation.