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A collection of Jeff's public YouTube videos on a range of health topics. Enjoy!

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  • Qigong for Stress and Calming the Mind with Jeffrey Chand

  • 5 Reasons to Practice Qigong - Live!

  • Why Does Qigong Help Anxiety? (4 mins)

    Qigong is helpful for anxiety for a variety of reasons. Explore the concept of 'up-regulation' and 'down-regulation.' Learn how down-regulation can help you be more present in your life and your Qigong practice.

  • Qigong for Uplifting (14 mins)

    Follow along with the exercise "Wild Goose Flying." It is a very common Qigong practice that is found in routines such as the ShiBashi and there are many variations of it. Practice and try to increase your range of motion gently over time. Breathe, visualize, relax, and allow your qi to move smoo...

  • Live Stream - 3 Benefits of Qigong (15 mins)

    Originally aired on YouTube, Jeff discusses 3 benefits of Qigong practice that do not have anything to do with qi.
    This was also a test of a live streaming show that Jeff will be doing in the near future for Communi Qi members only :)

  • Qigong for Healing and Flow State (22 mins)

    A simple 'Flow State' Routine. Combine three simple movements into a beautiful, flowing sequence that looks and feels like an elegant dance. Surrender to the Flow :) Practice this sequence until you can do it on your own and you will love the feeling!

  • Building Dan Tian - Simple Routine (12 mins)

    Do you feel as if you are doing “all the right things” – eating well, exercising, but you still don’t feel healthy, full of energy, and vibrant? Perhaps your Dan Tian energy is weak. This Qigong routine can help! It can be extremely frustrating when we put so much time and energy into our wellnes...

  • How Does Qigong Help Arthritis (5 mins)

    Discover the benefits of Qigong for arthritis. Learn how this ancient practice can help your joints.

  • Qigong for Calming and Grounding the Mind (11 mins)

    An easy routine that is helpful for calming, grounding, and centering the Mind. There are so many things that we “should do,” “need to do,” and “want to do” that it can feel never ending. We are in a day and age of over-stimulation. We are often tied into our email, Facebook, our phones, the news...

  • Simple Qigong Meditation (9 min)

    Here is a simple qigong meditation practice! There are many types of meditation to be experienced these days. Not too long ago meditation was considered to be very alternative and "esoteric" but today meditation is widely accepted medically, and socially. There are many different types of medita...

  • Qi Gong for Anxiety and Chest Tightness (12 mins)

    Open your chest and embrace calm. A routine based around the exercise “Circling the Hands” which is an ancient, classic Qigong movement. When you practice this routine, at first you might notice your anxiety and chest tightness reducing slightly. If you continue to practice you will notice this r...

  • Qigong for Healing (5 mins)

    Learn how Qigong helps the body to heal and how it can be a part of your own personal formula to be healthy! Combine it with other healthy lifestyle practices and notice the improvement in healing and well-being.

  • Sitting Qigong (15 mins)

    This Seated Routine is yin in nature, easy to do, and gentle on the body. If you have restrictions, pain, or range of motion problems, this routine may be helpful. While Qigong can help your body in many different ways, this practice will help you enter the “flow state.” When you experience the f...

  • Qi Gong Concept for Beginners - Improve your Practice (7 mins)

    Improve your Qigong practice with a dynamic state of balance of yin and yang. Learn how yin and yang interact and shift within a person. Explore how to balance the two within yourself and in your practice.

  • 3 Essential Elements of Qi Gong Practice (18 mins)

    This is a recording of Jeff's first LIVE stream video which was featured on his Qigong for Vitality facebook page. In it he discusses the three essential elements of a good Qigong practice. There are many different forms and styles of Qigong and all of them can be effective at helping you increas...

  • Qi Gong for Headaches (22 mins)

    This is a recording of Jeff's LIVE stream video on the topic of headaches and migraines which was featured on his Qigong for Vitality facebook page. He discusses primary and secondary headaches through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong. In this livestream replay, Jeff discusses ...

  • Qi Gong for Sensitivities and Anxiety (11 mins)

    Discover how anxiety and sensitivity can be helped with Qigong practice. One of the main reasons why people practice Qigong is to help reduce anxiety symptoms. After an explanation of the concept of "maai" Jeff shows the simple exercise "Playing with Water."

  • Qigong for Boundaries (9 mins)

    One largely unknown benefit of Qigong is that it can help create healthy boundaries. In a busy world such as ours today, it is easy to become overwhelmed by:
    -constant stimulation, noise, technology, smells, sights, voices, advertisements and so on... Some people are fine with all this extra s...

  • Daily Practice Qigong Routine (8 mins)

    The key to making Qi Gong practice work is to be able to practice regularly. This is a message Jeff mentions all the time! Remember that regular practice will give you the best results. This is a simple routine that you can do anywhere, anytime. It will help balance your overall energy and increa...

  • Simple Qigong Routine - Polish the Table (5 mins)

    A simple Qigong exercise to loosen up the shoulders, relax the body and relieve tension in the chest. The exercise is called 'Polishing the Table' and the hands move in a concentric motion in front of the body. Move at your own pace. Enjoy the feeling of being in the forest!

  • Qigong for Neck Pain and Tension (9 mins)

    By far, neck pain, tension, arthritis, and weakness is one of the most common reasons for doctor visits. Many people suffer with neck pain for a variety of reasons. If it is left untreated neck tension and pain can lead to premature vertebrae degeneration and arthritis. The good news is dealing w...

  • How Qigong Can Help Pain - "the Pain Body"

    There are many types of pain, with many reasons. Qigong and Tai chi can generally help most types of pain no matter what the reason is. But how exactly does it work? There is still some mystery as to how Qigong helps pain from a Western medicine point of view. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pai...

  • Qigong for Neck and Shoulder Tension (15 mins)

    Strengthen the upper body, arms and shoulders. These exercises can help with arthritis and increase flexibility and range of motion in the upper body. This routine includes an exercise called Yijin which is part of the 'muscle and tendon changing' form of Qigong. 'Muscle and Tendon Changing Qigon...

  • Don't practice this style of Qigong (3 mins)

    Jeff discusses which form of Qi Gong he does not recommend people do. Learn why in this video. He adds a dash of humor to illustrate the point!.:)