30 Days of Qi Gong

30 Days of Qi Gong

Challenge yourself to create a new habit and practice Qi Gong daily with these guided routines! You are embarking on a positive journey, a gift to your body and soul. Follow along for the next 30 days and enjoy the transformation as you create this new daily habit in your life. Get ready to feel amazing! *Click "see all" at the top right of the collection to see all 30 videos in one place.

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30 Days of Qi Gong
  • Introduction to 30 Days of Qi Gong (3 mins)

    Welcome to the 30 Days of Qigong! We're so happy you've decided to take this journey. In this video, you will learn all about the 30 days and how they will unfold. It's organized into three main sections, each approximately 10 days, with guided routines focused on different aspects including brea...

  • Day 1 Beginning the Journey (16 mins)

    Welcome to Day 1!
    You are embarking on a positive journey, a gift to your body and soul. Follow along for the next 30 days and enjoy the transformation as you create the habit of daily practice. Get ready to feel amazing! **Sometimes animals come to visit when Jeff is practicing Qi Gong. Notice ...

  • Day 2 Opening Exercise (12 mins)

    Welcome to Day 2!
    You're doing great! Today join Jeff in his office as he guides you through the 'Opening Exercise,' an important Qigong movement used in many of the routines. Learn variations of the Opening Exercise including 'lifting mountain' and 'move like sparrow'.

  • Day 3 Rolling Wave (15 mins)

    Welcome to Day 3!
    This sequence will give you a sense of Qi movement inside AND outside your body. Begins with a short warm up and then moves into the sequence starting with Parting the Clouds, a great exercise for lifting the spirit. Followed by Rolling the Wave, a gentle flowing motion that wi...

  • Day 4 Cloud Hands - Finding Flow (12 mins)

    Welcome to Day 4!
    Experience 'flow state.' Learn how to do Cloud Hands and enjoy the lightness from this exercise. Notice the feel of smooth and free flowing energy. Practice Cloud Hands regularly until you feel coordinated with the hand movements. Once you master it, you may find it's one of yo...

  • Day 5 Legs and Hips (18 mins)

    Welcome to Day 5!
    You're doing great! Keep going. You're getting stronger and building foundation with each passing day. This routine will strengthen your hips and legs. Starting with a short warm up then moving into Pressing the Palms all with focus on stability of the legs and lower body. Feel...

  • Day 6 Chest Opening (9 mins)

    Welcome to Day 6!
    Open your chest and lungs today. Feel all tension release and clear from the upper body. Move as if rolling on a gentle wave with 'Rise and Fall' then expand and open with the chest-opening exercise. Enjoy the release!

  • Day 7 Yin Yang Patting Practice (18 mins)

    Welcome to Day 7!
    Todays' practice works from the outside in. Learn patting and tapping techniques to release tension, improve circulation and move energy throughout the body. Use this routine when you feel tight, dull, restless, sluggish or stiff. Get ready to jump, bounce and tap! Let's get st...

  • Day 8 Take a Deep Breath (18 mins)

    Welcome to Day 8!
    Learn six different types of breathing that can be used in Qigong. Follow along and experience each of the types. Get comfortable, relax and become aware of your breath. Check in with yourself - how do you feel doing each one? Are some more energizing and others more relaxing fo...

  • Day 9 - Dan Tian Breathing (13 mins)

    Welcome to Day 9!
    Yesterday we talked about six different breathing techniques and today you will learn another one called Dantian breathing which you will use often within Qigong practice. Using directed movements and breath will give your 'busy' mind something to focus on. It will keep your at...

  • Day 10 Horse Stance (21 mins)

    Welcome to Day 10!
    Learn proper movement and posture for Horse Stance. Focus on the acupressure point KD1 at the bottom of the foot while directing your energy down into the earth.

  • Day 11 Pushing the Pillars (17 mins)

    Welcome to Day 11!
    Move stagnant energy especially the energy that accumulates throughout your day or while at work. Connect with yourself and discover which movements resonate with you. Incorporate these movements in moments throughout your day. Even just a 2 minute exercise once or twice durin...

  • Day 12 Your Happy Back (13 mins)

    Welcome to Day 12!
    Maintain a healthy back with this short routine. Jeff guides you through exercises that support the back and spine. Follow along as he leads you through movements that move attention and energy to your back. All movements are smooth and flowing, designed to strengthen the Kidne...

  • Day 13 Feel the Flow (15 mins)

    Welcome to Day 13!
    Get into the zone and experience 'flow state', where you feel absorbed in what you're doing and lose sense of time. Be in the moment. Present. A simple routine today. Forget about time and relax into it! You're doing amazing!!

  • Day 14 Sitting Qi Gong (21 mins)

    Welcome to Day 14!
    Congratulations! You've been doing Qigong for TWO full weeks now!!! Well done! Today Jeff demonstrates a powerful yang-building routine that can be done entirely from a seated position. Feel strong and vibrant, filled with energy, ready to tackle challenges that come your way!...

  • Day 15 Embrace the Ball (12 mins)

    Welcome to Day 15!
    Focus on intention while practicing "Embrace the Ball". Bring yourself into your body, into the present moment. Begin with a short warm-up then get started on the sequence. Focus on acupuncture point Laogong (PC8) as you move through Opening Exercise and Embrace the Ball..Move...

  • Day 16 Release Neck and Shoulders (11 mins)

    Welcome to Day 16!
    A great routine to practice if you have chronic neck pain or poor posture. It will alleviate pain and tension and improve your overall posture. Let's get started! :)

  • Day 17 Healthy Boundaries (23 mins)

    Welcome to Day 17!
    Today's concept is all about developing healthy boundaries. Boundaries are so important in maintaining energy and not taking on the moods and energy of those around you. You will use Qiqong exercises and healing sounds to clear your mind and the space around you. Begin with a w...

  • Day 18 Parting Horse's Mane (13 mins)

    Welcome to Day 18!
    You're doing so well. Thanks for showing up! Today's practice is all about coordination and learning the powerful exercise called "Parting Horse's Mane". This exercise is an evolution - the more you practice it the better and stronger it gets. This helps to coordinate the uppe...

  • Day 19 Brilliant Brain (22 mins)

    Welcome to Day 19!
    Improve memory, strengthen focus, and calm and clear the mind. We begin with a short warm-up and discussion of brain health and then move into the routine. Contralateral movements are used to invigorate the brain and improve coordination. Awaken your creativity and cognitive ...

  • Day 20 Inspired (11 mins)

    Welcome to Day 20!
    This routine will lift your spirit and leave you feeling light and inspired for the rest of the day! Rejuvenate your lungs, breathe easily and expand your chest. Includes tapping on important acupressure points to enhance and activate the Lung, Large Intestine and Ren meridians...

  • Day 21 Earth Element and Digestion (20 mins)

    Welcome to Day 21!
    You have now been practicing Qi Gong for THREE weeks! Congratulations, you are amazing! You are honoring your commitment to yourself and your health. Keep going! Tonify the Earth element and feel your digestion strengthen. Join Jeff by the ocean and breathe in vitality. Follow...

  • Day 22 Free Flowing Liver (19 mins)

    Welcome to Day 22!
    You're doing amazing - you are now 22 days in! Keep going! Jeff leads you through a complete warm-up while discussing the Liver meridian system and the types of imbalances that can occur. After your warm up, join him in the forest surrounded by beautiful trees with dappled sun...

  • Day 23 Let your Shen Shine! (15 mins)

    Welcome to Day 23!
    Join Jeff in the park today as you balance the Heart system and Fire Element. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart "houses the mind." When the Shen (spirit) is strong you will have a clear and calm mind and sleep deeply. Discover an important acupressure point called Shen...