The Universi Qi

The Universi Qi

The Universi Qi is a section where Jeff will discuss concepts and ideas related to health and wellness, qigong, philosophies, and mindset.
The Universi Qi is also where Jeff will share some of his "rants and rambles" that will hopefully leave you with a bit of inspiration!

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The Universi Qi
  • Rules vs Principles (3 mins)

    In this video Jeff discusses a fundamental idea in the Qigong for Vitality approach. It's the idea to focus on "principles" rather than specific "rules."
    Sometimes this can take more time and energy, but when we truly understand "principles" we can figure out the rules.

  • Simple Mindful Breathing Intro (4 mins)

    An introduction to the Simple Mindful Breathing routine: . Jeff discusses the purpose of the routine, mentioning it is more of 'time to practice' rather than exercises that need to be followed. Bring attention...

  • Intro to Return To Centre Routine (3 mins)

    An introduction to the routine, "Return to Centre." Jeff describes the concept of 'returning to your centre' amidst life's challenges. He explains the purpose of the pause for reflection between exercises and the return to ready position.

  • Universi Qi Episode 25 - Harmonize with Your Space (3 mins)

    You can't always control the environment around you, but you can adjust your way of being within it. When practicing Qigong it's beneficial to harmonize with your space. Learn to "match" the space you are in, "make peace with it," and harmonize with your surroundings. If you can master this when ...

  • Universi Qi Episode 24 - 10 Most Common Qigong Challenges (26 mins)

    The 10 most common Qigong challenges people face and what to do about them. Issues such as what to do when you have a wandering mind, feel tired after a routine, feel cold, numbness or tingling, experience discomfort or excessive emotions.
    * Note - As with all new exercise programs, if you have ...

  • Embrace Lotus INTRO (8 mins)

    An introduction to the "Embrace Lotus" Qigong routine. Jeff discusses the "Embrace Lotus" exercise and a few key points to focus on during the practice. Be sure to watch this first before practicing the Embrace Lotus routine (found in the "Long" practices section).

  • Peaceful Shen INTRO (5 mins)

    An introduction to the concept of "Shen" in preparation for the "Peaceful Shen" routine. Jeff discusses how the breathing can be done by visualizing two rotating barrels, creating an opening and closing type feeling. Learn about "deer qigong" and how to 'feel' like a deer and connect with the nat...

  • Introduction to the "Reel-ly Nice" Routine (7 mins)

    An introduction to the routine based on "Silk Reeling." Watch this video before starting the "Reel-ly Nice" routine. Jeff talks about the silk reeling exercises and where the name came from. Learn about the "kua" and how to bend / fold the kua area during exercises.Enjoy!

  • Universi Qi Episode 23 - Three Elements of Good Qigong Practice (6 mins)

    Learn how flow-state and the idea of unconscious competence applies to Qigong. Bring your body into a down-regulated state to improve your own Qigong practice.

  • Episode 22 - How to use Intention (3 mins)

    How do we apply 'intention' to our practice? Jeff talks about three elements we can apply to improve our intention during Qigong:
    1. Think
    2. See
    3. Feel

  • Healthy Boundaries - Part 1 The Basics (13 mins)

    Do you feel drained after being around people? If so, then developing healthy boundaries will help you! In this video Jeff discusses the need to develop boundaries especially if you are a highly sensitive person. Self awareness and healthy boundaries are important to our well-being and long term ...

  • Healthy Boundaries Part 2 (15 mins)

    This is Part 2 of Healthy Boundaries. Learn a unique "technique" that has helped many people create healthy boundaries, protect sensitivities, and energy. Follow along, and find the Qi-T-Sheet for Healthy Boundaries in this section:

  • New practice intro

    This video introduces the concept behind the Qigong practice called "May the Fourth Be With You" found in the Long Routines Section:
    This style of Qigong closely follows the body's natural internal rhythm, which is ...

  • Universi Qi Episode 19 - Back Breathing (7 mins)

    Discover "back breathing" and Jeff''s comparison to two barrels moving apart. This form of breath is more of an advanced technique. It's best to do this while standing in one spot as opposed to during the Qigong exercises. Visualization is an important part of it. Feel your body open and expand.

  • Universi Qi Episode 18 - Philosophy vs Practice (5 mins)

    Explore the difference between 'philosophy' and 'practice' in Qigong. When you combine 'practice' with the underlying philosophy, you create intention and a deeper personal practice. Understanding why you are doing an exercise or movement and how it affects your body makes a big difference. Enjoy...

  • Universi Qi Episode 17 - Finding your practice (11 mins)

    Learn how to find a Qigong style that resonates with you. With all the different full routines in the Communi Qi it can be a challenge figuring out which one is right for you, so this exercise will help.

  • Universi Qi Episode 16 - "Xi" Breathing (6 mins)

    Discover the concept of "xi" breathing. In Qigong, you want to maintain a fine steady stream of air when you are exhaling. Jeff gives a practical visual of how to envision your breath as you release it. Move deeper into your own Qigong practice by incorporating steady "Xi" breaths.

  • Universi Qi Episode 15 - Strength vs Tension (2 mins)

    Learn about the difference between strength and tension. Jeff explains how having a balance between strength and tension is necessary for health and cultivating a more effective Qigong practice.

  • Universi Qi Episode 14 - Restraint vs Relaxation (3 mins)

    Learn the difference between 'relaxation' and 'restraint'. Two different ways of viewing and responding to situations and the world in general. When we restrain our energy, it causes restriction and stagnation. When we relax into a situation, our response is much healthier.

  • Universi Qi Episode 13 - Intention (3 mins)

    "Qi Gong without intention is light exercise." Jeff talks about why intention is so important.

  • Universi Qi Episode 12 - Framing our Experiences (5 mins)

    How we frame experiences impacts our perception of them. We get to choose our response to events. Regular Qigong practice gives us the mental space to take a step back and frame or (re-frame) situations in a way that is helpful and healthy.

  • Universi Qi Episode 11 - Respond vs React (4 mins)

    Explore the difference between 'responding' and 'reacting'. How we respond or react is up to us. When we react, the primitive part of our brain kicks into gear. When we respond, the prefrontal cortex (the more evolved part of the brain) is activated. This allows us to apply logic and reasoning to...

  • Universi Qi Episode 10 - Open Joints (4 mins)

    Jeff introduces the concept of 'open joints' and how to incorporate this into your Qigong practice. Qi needs to move first to the muscles and then into the joints. Your muscles should feel strong but relaxed. He suggests starting with bringing attention to the hips and the shoulders. By noticing ...

  • Universi Qi Episode 9 - Medical versus Health Care (3 mins)

    In this episode, Jeff discusses the difference between medical care and health care. He explains the importance of both. When combined, health care AND medical care provide the best of both worlds! What things do you do for your medical care? What things do you do for your health care?